Serbia vs Switzerland: Prediction, Head to Head, Kick-Off Time, Possible Line up, Players to Watch, Team History, and Betting Odds

by Vicky Wed Nov,2022
Serbia vs Switzerland: Prediction, Head to Head, Kick-Off Time, Possible Line up, Players to Watch, Team History, and Betting Odds

After facing Cameroon and Brazil, Serbia holds one loss and one draw on the scoreboard. In contrast, Switzerland has one win and one defeat in their charts. The Serbian and the Swiss teams need the win to advance to the 2022 FIFA World Cup Round of 16 phases. Brazil holds the lead with six points, while the Swiss squad is in the second with three. 

It is a do-or-die situation for both Serbia and Switzerland. While Serbia hasn't bagged a win in this world cup, what they have put in is a valiant effort. While playing against Cameroon, both teams scored three goals in the said match. However, the Swiss team has only one goal in the world cup this time. They only need a draw to advance, while the Serbian team needs to win if they want to go to the next round.

Serbia vs. Switzerland: Have they played against each other before? Head to head and History.

Despite only meeting Serbia once in the field, Switzerland players like Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri have a history with Serbia. And in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, they became a hot topic, not just for football fans but also from a political standpoint

And in their first match, the Swiss team won with a score of 2-1. With their win over Serbia in the first face-off, fans are on the Switzerland bandwagon. Serbia has played in more FIFA World Cups than Switzerland. However, the Swiss squad has the edge over all results in those tournaments. 

As of October 2022, Serbia holds the FIFA Rank of 21. Meanwhile, Switzerland earned the top 20 FIFA ranking and saved the 15th spot. And despite the climb in their ranking, the Swiss team has been a dark horse in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 

Players To Watch and the Possible Lineup of the Serbian team vs. the Swiss Squad!

Switzerland likes to play the balanced formation of 4-2-3-1. A solid defensive form with many ways to counter the opponent's push. And with players like Granit Xhaka leading the team on the field, it will not be easy for Serbia. Likewise, other players to watch from the Swiss team are Embolo, Vargas, Rodriguez, and Widmer. 

Possible Swiss Lineup:

Despite their valent effort, Serbia hasn't won a single game in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. However, they have a similar goal score to the top team in Group G. With that in mind, the players to watch in their game will be their forward Mitrovic and the midfielders. 

Possible Lineup for the Serbian team:

Kick-Off Time and Betting odds!

Switzerland vs. Serbia will kick off at 10:00 PM Qatar local time on December 2. And as such, for Switzerland, the kick-off time will be 8:00 PM UTC+01:00. Likewise, the game will start at the same time frame for Serbia. 

As for the betting odds, fans are equally spread between these two nations. While 38% of the fans place their faith in Serbia, 33% go with the Swiss squad. Similarly, 29% of the fans put their money on the match ending in a draw. 

Going through the 2022 FIFA World Cup matches, Serbia has underperformed by a large margin. As such, we'd place our bet on the Swiss team. Likewise, the game could end with Switzerland leading with a goal on the scoreboard. 

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