NHL Power-Rankings: Top-10 Players

Wed Apr,2023
NHL Power-Rankings: Top-10 Players Ice Hockey

Players ranking are generally determined by their statistics, but if we were to take a look at fundamental aspects of hockey then, Skating is the most important and overlooked aspect. Most beginners might have their ranking and it could be based on the statistics of the player rather than other skills. Some of the best players of NHL 2023 are Sidney Crosby, Victor Hedman, Cale Makar, Connor McDavid, Auston Matthews, etc, know their details below.

Statistics show the overall adaptability of the hockey players with the team and also show players' scoring ability. It's not like completely ignoring the statistics, but more like incorporating them with other fundamental skills. The top 10 best NHL players based on researching the NHL top 10 players and bleacher report's top 30 players are listed below;

10. Alexsander Barkov (C), Florida Panthers

Barkov is known for his clutch during cut-throat gameplay, the swift player is like a wild panther hunting for the puck and a defensive bear for the opponents who are snatching the puck. Alexsander Barkov stands at 6 feet 3 inches and can utilize his stick in a wide range of motion, further the 27-year-old has scored 220 goals out of 596 games played.

Alexsander Alexander Barkov's estimated net worth is $25 Million.  SOURCE: Instagram-@barkovsasha

Alexsander's stats showed that he had scored 553 points and had scored 116 penalties. The Finnish player has represented his country in international hockey tournaments and was awarded Lady Byng Memorial Trophy (2019) and Frank J. Selke Trophy (2021). Alexsander Barkov has an estimated net worth of $25 Million and total career earnings of  $50 Million.

9. Artemi Panarin (F), New York Rangers

Artemi Panarin also known as the "Breadman" is a Russian-born left wing, who stands at a towering height of 6 feet. The skilled left winger has played a total of 508 games and scored 569 points, but hasn't yet lifted the Stanley Cup. The player is honored with numerous titles like Calder Memorial Trophy (2016), and NHL All-Star Game (2020, 2023).

Artemi Artemi Panarin has played with 5 former teams.  SOURCE: Instagram-@artemipanarin_10

Artemi Panarin has an estimated net worth of $33 Million with total career earnings of $66,032,500. Panarin has amassed approximately $52,500,000 with the New York Rangers. The Russian natives skating skills and clever use of the stick are unquestionably the best in comparison with others.

8. Victor Hedman (D), Tampa Bay Lightning

Coming on the number 8 is the defensive player of the Lightning: Victor Hedman, a Swedish player who has played a total of 898 games in the National Hockey League and is considered an elite veteran. Hedman has scored 603 points and 624 penalties with 134 goals and 469 assists and has unrivaled defensive power combined with robust strength.

VictorVictor Hedman has lifted the Stanley Cup two times.  SOURCE: Instagram-@vichedman77

The Swedish native's former teams are Modo Hockey which is based in Sweden, and Barys Astana which is based in Kazakhstan. The alternate captain of the Lightning is a defensive monster and defended his team and aided them to win the 2020 & 2021 Stanley Cup. Victor Hedman has an estimated net worth of $35 Million; Hedman has earned a total of $70 Million.

7. Nikita Kucherov (F), Tampa Bay Lightning

Russia manufactures lots of great ice hockey players, and Nikita Kucherov was a rare breed among them. The lightning player lifted the Stanley Cup in 2020 and 2021, the beast has scored 246 goals, 616 points, and 283 penalties in 562 games. Nikita is a voracious offensive player, who has played with the Tampa Bay Lightning since the day of his draft.

Nikita Nikita Kucherov lifted the Stanley Cup in 2021 SOURCE: Instagram-nikitakucherov86

Kucherov is best known for his offense and power play, he is regarded as an eccentric player with a great ability to pass the puck in a narrow opening. Nikita has scored over 100 points in multiple seasons. Nikita Kucherov has an estimated net worth of $30 Million and total career earnings of $65 Million.

6. Cale Makar (D), Colorado Avalanche

Cale Douglas Makar is a Canadian native, who is a recent Stanley Cup champion (2022). The player is honored with numerous trophies like James Norris Memorial Trophy, Conn Smythe Trophy, and Calder Memorial Trophy. Cale is like a china wall and lets none pierce his tough defense. The young-blooded athlete is 24 years old and is extremely promising.

CaleCale Makar lifted the 2022 Stanley Trophy with the Avalanche. SOURCE: Instagram-@calemmakar_

The young player has already amassed a fortune of $20 Million and Cale Makar has an estimated net worth of $10 Million. This player made it to the top three cause he has the potential to reach number one plus he has a robust body structure with a unique playing style to other defensemen.

5. Leon Draisaitl (C), Edmonton Oilers

The German ice-hockey player is best known for his offensive and is most of the time listed as the best NHL hockey player. Draisaitl power play is impressive and the player scored 50 goals in a season which is great in order saving his team from tough times. He was the highest-drafted player trained in Germany and was selected in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft by the Oilers.

Leon Leon Draisaitl with his bombshell partner.  SOURCE: Instagram-drat_29

Leon stands at 6 feet and 2 inches, Leon Drasaitl has an estimated net worth of $20 Million and has amassed career earnings of $53,756,040. The player has played a total of 558 games and has scored 616 points and 206 penalties. Leon has scored 254 goals with 254 assists and is quite well known for playing fewer games and having great stats, this also proves that practicing is a key aspect of hockey.

4. Nathan MacKinnon (C), Colorado Avalanche

Coming in the fourth position is Nathan Raymond MacKinnon, a 6 feet 1 inch, Canadian native who is an alternate captain of the Avalanche. MacKinnon is known for his dynamic and competitive playing style with a touch of creativity, his training includes asymmetrical exercises which aid him to excel at games. The player is known for matching his skating speed with the puck.

NathanNathan McKinnon is an alternate captain of the Avalanche. SOURCE: NHL

Nathan has played a total of 638 games, scoring 242 goals and 648 points with 406 assists. He has been awarded honorable titles like Calder Memorial Trophy (2014), Ed Chynoweth Trophy (2013), and Memorial Cup champion (2013). MacKinnon lifted the Stanley Cup championship in 2022. Nathan MacKinnon's estimated net worth is $25 Million and has amassed a total of $52.7 Million from his professional hockey career.

3. Auston Matthews (C), Toronto Maple Leaves

The American ice hockey player is an alternate captain for Toronto Maple Leafs, the player represented the United States in World U-17 (2014), and IIHF World U18 championship (2014, 2015)where he was the gold medalist. Auston hasn't yet lifted the Stanley Cup but has been awarded Hart Memorial Trophy and Ted Lindsay Award.

AstonAston Matthews wears the blue Jays' jersey.  SOURCE: Instagram-Auston Matthews

Auston Matthews has an estimated net worth of $25 Million and has earned total career earnings of $58 Million. The player started his career at a young age as compared to other players and the player has played 407 matches and where he has scored 259 goals, 198 assists, and 457 points. The player hasn't played as many matches and is still working on his skills as he is just 25 years old.

2. Sidney Crosby (C), Pittsburgh Penguins

The 35-year-old, Canadian native who is 5 feet 11 inches has earned a dense name and fame within the ice hockey fanbase. Sidney began his journey in 2005 and is continuing, he has made a legacy and is 3 times NHL champion. Crosby love being in a tight spot, and his playing ability multiplies and he can thrive in the corners, playing with opponents on his back and protecting the puck like a lioness protecting her cubs.

Sidney Sidney Crosby has lifted the Stanley Cup 3 times  SOURCE: Instagram-@sidneycrosby_87_

 The brainy player executes strategies like no other, his cerebral play makes him one of the toughest center players for defenders. Brains combined with elite lower body strength and center of gravity make him win the battle of pucks. Sidney Crosby has an estimated net worth of $74 Million with total career earnings of $149,890,244.

1. Connor McDavid (C), Edmonton Oilers

The number one hockey player for the year 2023 is, Connor Andrew McDavid. He is a 6 feet 1-inch player from Canada who is the captain of the Edmonton Oilers. This player performs art on ice and is widely known for his finesse. McDavid is masterful at skating which helps him stylize his play with lots of possibilities like a transition from offensive to defense plus can incorporate various other techniques.

Connor Connor McDavid is the captain of the Oilers.  SOURCE: Instagram-@mcdavid97

Connor McDavid at just 26 years of age has an estimated net worth of $35 Million, plus has earned a total of $74.6 Million as career earnings from a professional hockey career. McDavid is awarded Hart Memorial Trophy, Ted Lindsay Award, Red Tilson Trophy, and many more. Even though the player has played just 487 games, he has scored 697 points and 239 goals with a record of 458 assists. The young-blooded athlete will change the future of hockey setting impossible records for the upcoming generations.