Daniel Briere Wife, Sylvie Brier 2023 - Children, Net Worth, Wedding Dress, & Relationship History

Mon Apr,2023
Daniel Briere Wife, Sylvie Brier 2023 - Children, Net Worth, Wedding Dress, & Relationship History Ice Hockey

Daniel Briere's life after retirement from hockey is going quite well, as he is the special advisor to the general manager of the Philadelphia Flyers. Daniel was a hockey expert but the player proved to his fans that he got a sharp intellect too. Briere trained his management skills in a two-year general management program at Penn's Wharton School of Business.

The offensive monster is rumored to be applying for the same position for the Buffalo Sabres, however, Daniel didn't announce them publicly. The former player spent 18 years playing hockey but did Daniel Briere amass a huge net worth? As Briere is the special advisor, he still earns so, it's rumored that his net worth is around $40 Million. Daniel Briere was married to his first wife but he ended his relationship with her and is now enjoying his life with a bombshell.

Daniel Brier Wife, Sylvie Brier: Mr and Mrs. Brier's Married life and Family life

Married people have to deal with unexpected events, and even after years of knowing/understanding each other, it's normal for human beings to feel bored and disappointed. Daniel and Sylvie have kept their first rendevous a secret, but it's rumored that they met each other through mutual friends. Daniel Brier and his ex-wife Sylvie Brier got married in the late 90s. Brier and his wife's relationship didn't last long and were divorced in the same year.

Daniel Daniel Briere with his wife, Misha Briere doing paid promotion of baby products. SOURCE: Facebook- Cuties Baby Care  

Though Daniel didn't find her soulmate on the first try, he saw a fallen angel of the heavens. Daniel Brier and Misha Harrel decided to exchange their wedding vows around the late 90s after the player divorced his ex-wife Sylvie Brier. Brier was married heck of a girl, as Misha is a flight surgeon and has seen some actual bloodshed. The duo have spent decades of their married life and seemed jubilant as if they were newlyweds couples. God blessed the couples with healthy children and they are nurturing their children and shaping their career paths.

Daniel Brier Net Worth: How Rich Is Daniel, Did He Divided His Net Worth At Divorce Settlement?

Daniel Brier spent his professional time competing in three different leagues, National League, Deutsche Eishockey Liga, the National Hockey League, and the American Hockey League. Daniel Brier has an estimated net worth of $50 Million, Daniel's career earnings when he played for SC Bern and EisBaren Berlin weren't recorded, so the above net worth is drawn out including these factors otherwise Brier's net worth based on his career earning's form the NHL is estimated to be around $35 Million.

DanielDaniel Briere has an estimated net worth of $35 Million  SOURCE: Instagram-@dannybriere48

Daniel is a millionaire, as he was rich when he retired from hockey and currently earns as the special advisor of the Philadelphia Flyers, if the former hockey player were to become a special advisor of Buffalo Sabre then his net worth will spike in the future. The player's highest earning is around $10 Million and the lowest one is around $660,000. Daniel started his hockey career and divorced his wife around the same time, so we can assure you that the player didn't lose huge money cause his net worth at that time wasn't even in six figures.

Daniel Brier Salary, Contracts, And Career Earnings: Detailed Analysis Of Daniel's Cash Earnings

Daniel spent his professional career with numerous teams including, Phoneix Coyotes, Buffalo Sabers, SC Bern, Philadelphia Flyers, Eisabaren Berlin, Montreal Canadiens, and Colorado Avalanche. Daniel Brier amassed total career earnings of $69, 607,332, while playing hockey for 18 years. The player started to play hockey in 1997 but his career earnings were recorded from the year 2000. Brier played with Arizona Coyotes at first and he signed a contract worth $6,60,000 for a year and decided to extend his contract with them for three years obtaining an average salary of $726,000 annually.

Daniel Daniel Briere amassed a total of $69, 607,332 from hockey. SOURCE: Instagram-@dannybriere48

In 2005, Daniel drifted to Buffalo Sabres, pocketing an average salary of $1,938,000 and in extending his contract for a year the player was provided with a salary of $5 Million. Brier gained a golden fortune from the flyers, he signed an 8-year-long contract with the Philadelphia Flyers and pocketed an average salary of $7 Million annually. Daniel Brier then joined with Montreal Canadiens, where he earned a total of $4 Million, and again joined the Flyers earning $833,333. After that Jean-Claude, a total of $4 Million and earned $1666,666 while playing with Philadelphia Flyers for about 2 years.

Daniel Brier Children: Former hockey player shares four children

The former hockey player shared four sons with his second wife, Misha Harrel. Daniel Briere's children's names are Carson Brier, Caelan Brier, Carson Brier, Cameron Briere, and recently born Caiden Brier. Daniel hasn't mentioned the date of birth of his children, however, the three of them except Caiden Brier are expected to be in their mid-late teen years. Chad Ruhwedel, Justin Schultz, Teddy Blueger, and Botic Van De Zandschulp are also active hockey players.

Daniel Daniel Brier shares 4 children with his wife Misha.  SOURCE: Instagram-@dannybriere48

Daniel stands at a towering height of 5 feet 9 inches and weighs around 79 K.G. Daniel Brier's wife Misha is expected to be around 40 years of age and are living their life in tranquility. It seems Daniel's children are interested in playing hockey and are following in the footsteps of their fathers.