Erik Karlsson Joins Penguins: Know About Karlsson's Net Worth, Salary, Contract & Career Earnings

Mon Aug,2023
Erik Karlsson Joins Penguins: Know About Karlsson's Net Worth, Salary, Contract & Career Earnings Ice Hockey

Erik Karlsson is a skilled Swedish ice hockey defenseman who is presently a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins in the NHL. Renowned for his offensive prowess, he has secured the James Norris Memorial Trophy for the NHL's premier defenseman twice, claiming the honor in both 2012 and 2015. 

Chosen 15th overall in the first round of the 2008 NHL Entry Draft by the Ottawa Senators, Karlsson dedicated his initial nine NHL seasons to the Senators before transitioning to the Penguins. Erik has an estimated net worth of $55 Million and has accumulated a total of $111,429,878.

Erik Karlsson Net Worth 2023 - Base Salary

Erik Karlsson is an accomplished ice hockey player who has played 15 seasons in the NHL and has a lot of skill and expertise when it comes to offensive gameplay. Erik now has a precise net worth of $55 Million and will earn a base salary of $10,500,000 in the year 2023-24.

Erik has engaged in multiple endorsement deals with lots of brands.Erik Karlsson has been in sponsorship with multiple brands  SOURCE: Instagram- @erikkarlsson65

Erik Karlsson's main source of income stems from his illustrious NHL ice hockey career. Throughout his journey, he has amassed remarkable total career earnings amounting to $111,429,878. Among the elite athletes in terms of wealth, notable names include Sidney Crosby with a fortune of $55 million, Marc-Andre Fleury with $30 million, Anze Kopitar possessing $25 million, Carey Price amassing $13 million, Patrick Kane securing $12 million, and Alex Ovechkin boasting an impressive $80 million in earnings.

Erik Karlsson Trade to Penguins 2023

The Pittsburgh Penguins have successfully secured defenseman Erik Karlsson through a three-way trade that also involves the San Jose Sharks and the Montreal Canadiens. The trade, which was officially announced on August 6, 2023, marks a noteworthy addition to the Penguins' roster and is already generating buzz as a blockbuster deal in the world of ice hockey.


Alongside Karlsson, the Penguins secured forward Rem Pitlick, forward Dillon Hamaliuk, and a 2026 third-round draft pick. While the specifics of the Penguins' trade concessions remain hidden, this addition holds substantial weight. By enlisting Karlsson, a decorated defenseman and three-time recipient of the James Norris Memorial Trophy for the NHL's premier defenseman, the Penguins solidify their roster with exceptional skill and experience.

Karlsson's Pittsburgh Penguins' Contracts - Contract History

Current Pittsburgh Penguins Contract:

2023-24 Pittsburgh Penguins $10,500,000
2024-25 Pittsburgh Penguins $10,000,000
2025-26 Pittsburgh Penguins $4,000,000
2026-27 Pittsburgh Penguins $1,500,000

Source- Spotrac

Erik Karlsson's NHL journey has been punctuated by a series of contracts, each revealing the progression of his career. His initial entry into the league saw him join the Carolina Hurricanes, inking a three-year, entry-level agreement on May 31, 2008, featuring an average annual value (AAV) of $821,667.

Erik sleeps with his beloved new born Erik Karlsson with his beloved child.  SOURCE: Instagram- @erikkarlsson65

Transitioning to the Ottawa Senators in 2009, Karlsson's ascent continued. On September 14, 2009, he marked his allegiance by signing his debut contract with the Senators after his draft selection. The momentum culminated with a monumental seven-year extension inked on June 19, 2012, amounting to $45.5 million and a $6.5 million AAV. His influence endured as he later embraced a one-year contract worth $6.5 million on July 1, 2018, consolidating his significance to the Senators.

The narrative then pivoted to the San Jose Sharks, where Karlsson's prowess beckoned. His entry on September 13, 2018, marked a transformative phase. Bolstering his commitment, he entered an eight-year contract extension on June 17, 2019, securing $92 million in total and a formidable AAV of $11.5 million.

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Erik Karlsson Career Earnings History and Journey

2009-2010 Ottawa Senators $875,000
2010-2011 Ottawa Senators $875,000
2011-2012 Ottawa Senators $875,000
2012-2013 Ottawa Senators $3,804,878
2013-2014 Ottawa Senators $5,500,000
2014-2015 Ottawa Senators $6,500,000
2015-2016 Ottawa Senators $7,000,000
2016-2017 Ottawa Senators $7,000,000
2017-2018 Ottawa Senators $7,000,000
2018-2019 San Jose Sharks $7,500,000
2019-2020 San Jose Sharks $14,500,000
2020-2021 San Jose Sharks $12,000,000
2021-2022 San Jose Sharks $14,500,000
2022-2023 San Jose Sharks $12,000,000
2023-2024 Pittsburgh Penguins $11,500,000
TOTAL   $111,429,878

Source- Spotrac
Erik Karlsson has left an indelible mark on the National Hockey League (NHL). His career trajectory is defined by a series of notable milestones. In the 2008 NHL Draft, on June 20, the Ottawa Senators handpicked Karlsson as the 15th overall selection, following his remarkable performance of 37 points (13 goals, 24 assists) in 38 games with Frolunda in Sweden's junior league.

Erik holds his wife hand during her birthday.Erik Karlsson celebrating birthdays with his wife.  SOURCE: Instagram- @erikkarlsson65

Karlsson's journey unfolded further on September 14, 2009, when he penned his inaugural contract with the Senators. His prowess was recognized in 2012 when he clinched his first James Norris Memorial Trophy as the NHL's premier defenseman. This achievement catalyzed his trajectory, leading to a transformative seven-year extension with the Senators on June 19, 2012, amounting to $45.5 million.

As his prowess continued to shine, Karlsson added another James Norris Memorial Trophy to his accolades in 2015. This accolade gained even more significance on September 13, 2018, when the San Jose Sharks orchestrated a trade to acquire Karlsson from the Ottawa Senators. Solidifying his role within the Sharks, Karlsson reaffirmed his commitment by sealing an eight-year, $92 million contract extension on June 17, 2019. The story came full circle on August 6, 2023, as the Pittsburgh Penguins added their name to his journey in a three-way trade involving the Sharks and the Montreal Canadiens.

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Erik Karlsson Endosement Earnings and Brands

Erik Karlsson's endorsement earnings approximated at $400,000 according to Forbes, underscore his stature as a sought-after athlete in the sponsorship realm. Although specific details about his endorsed brands remain undisclosed, his partnerships with prominent companies showcase his diverse appeal.

Erik is a person with strong sense of individuality. Erik Karlsson now plays for Pittsburgh Penguins.  SOURCE: Instagram- @erikkarlsson65

A famous brand that Karlsson aligns with is Porsche where he has held the role of brand ambassador since 2017. His association is showcased through his affinity for driving Porsche cars and even collaborating on a custom-designed Porsche.

Additionally, Karlsson serves as a brand ambassador for Rolex often sporting their watches and featuring in a commercial for the esteemed timepiece manufacturer. His endorsement extends to sportswear as well, with sponsorship from Under Armour. He frequently dons their clothing and shoes, and his endorsement commitment extends to participation in brand commercials.

Embracing his role as a hockey icon, Karlsson also endorses Bauer, utilizing their equipment including skates, sticks, and gloves, and participating in promotional content. His brand association goes beyond sports, encompassing the tech realm through his collaboration with Acer Computers.