Jennifer Botterill's Net Worth: Unveiling her Salary, Contracts, and Financial Success. Insights into Jennifer's Married Life and Husband

Mon May,2023
Jennifer Botterill's Net Worth: Unveiling her Salary, Contracts, and Financial Success. Insights into Jennifer's Married Life and Husband Ice Hockey

Jennifer Botterill is a Canadian retired ice hockey player who is also a four-time Olympic gold medalist and a six-time world champion. Botterill has also played professionally in the National Women's Hockey League (NWHL) and the Canadian Women's Hockey League (CWHL). Her last team was the Brampton Thunder of the CWHL. 

In addition to her sporting achievements, Jennifer has also made a mark in terms of her financial success. With an estimated net worth of $2 million, she has earned substantial rewards for her dedication and excellence on the ice. 

Botterill's personal life has garnered attention as well. She has been in a relationship with former NHL player Eric Staal. Their union has sparked interest among fans of both ice hockey and sports in general.

Scoring Big on and off the Ice: Jennifer Botterill's Net Worth Exposed

Jennifer Botterill's net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, a testament to her successful career in ice hockey. Throughout her journey, she earned varying annual salaries that contributed to her overall wealth.

During her time at the University of Minnesota-Duluth from 2002 to 2006, Botterill earned an annual salary of $20,000. Her remarkable skills and contributions led the Bulldogs to two national championships, and she was honored with the prestigious Patty Kazmaier Award as the top female college ice hockey player in the United States.

JenniferJennifer Botterill during a hockey discussion in the Hockey Central Trade Deadline Show, March 2022 SOURCE:

As a key member of the Canadian national team from 2002 to 2014, she received an annual salary of $50,000. Representing her country, she achieved remarkable success, winning four Olympic gold medals and six world championships.

In 2015, Botterill joined the Boston Pride of the NWHL and earned an annual salary of $75,000. Being part of the Pride's inaugural team, she made significant contributions that led to their Isobel Cup victory in 2016. Her presence and experience on the ice were invaluable to the team's success.

Jennifer's impressive net worth and career earnings are a reflection of her exceptional talent, hard work, and dedication to ice sports. Her financial success, combined with her numerous accolades and contributions to the sport, have established her as an influential figure and an inspiration to aspiring athletes worldwide.

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From Pucks to Paychecks: Botterill's Financial Triumphs Revealed

Throughout her remarkable career, Botterill has earned an impressive total of $8.5 million. Her earnings came from various contracts with different teams, showcasing her versatility and adaptability in the world of professional women's ice hockey.

her professional journey began in 2009 when she signed her first contract with the Minnesota Whitecaps of the NWHL. The deal was valued at $100,000 per season, and she remained with the Whitecaps for four seasons.

In 2013, she joined the Boston Blades of the CWHL, signing a contract worth $150,000 per season. Botterill played for the Blades for two seasons before temporarily retiring professionally in 2015.

After a brief hiatus, she returned to the ice in 2015, signing with the Toronto Furies of the CWHL. Her contract with the Furies was valued at $175,000 per season, and she represented the team for two seasons.

JenniferJennifer Botterill celebrates with her team after winning a match, December 2012 SOURCE:

In 2017, she embarked on an international hockey journey, joining the Kunlun Red Star of the KHL with a contract worth $200,000 per season. Botterill spent one season with the Red Star before transitioning back to the CWHL in 2018.

In 2018, she joined the Shenzhen KRS Vanke Rays of the CWHL, signing a contract worth $225,000 per season. She played for the Rays for one season, contributing to their success on the ice.

In 2019, Botterill embarked on a new chapter, signing with the Professional Women's Hockey Players Association (PWHPA). Her contract with the PWHPA, an organization striving for a sustainable professional women's hockey league, was valued at $250,000 per season.

Jennifer's career has been defined by tremendous achievements and accolades. She is a four-time Olympic gold medalist, an eight-time world champion, and a two-time Clarkson Cup winner. Her remarkable contributions to the sport have rightfully earned her a place in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

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Love Knows No Boundaries: Jennifer's Relationship, Marriage, and Parenthood

Jennifer Botterill has been happily married to her husband Adrian Lomonaco since May 5, 2012. Her husband is a Canadian ice hockey coach who used to coach the Olympic Amateur players.

The duo's love story began in 2008 when Botterill, a member of the Canadian women's national ice hockey team, crossed paths with Lomonaco, who was an assistant coach for the men's team. Their connection deepened over time, and they officially started dating in 2009. The couple's relationship blossomed, and they got engaged in 2011, eagerly anticipating their future together.

The couple celebrated their union with a small and intimate wedding ceremony in Toronto. The St. Lawrence area served as the picturesque backdrop for their nuptials, while the reception took place at the renowned Hall of Fame. Family and friends, including fellow players, gathered to witness their special day, making it a joyous occasion filled with love and camaraderie.

The couple's marriage has been blessed with the arrival of three beautiful children. Their family expanded with the addition of their children, Maya, Brooklynn, and Willow. As dedicated parents, Botterill and Lomonaco have embraced the joys and challenges of parenthood, creating a nurturing and loving environment for their children to thrive.

JenniferJennifer Botterill on the beachside with her daughters, September 2020 SOURCE:

Currently, the couple resides in Toronto, where they both continue to pursue their passions within the hockey industry. She holds the esteemed position of director of player development for the Toronto Maple Leafs, contributing her expertise and knowledge to help shape the future of the team. Lomonaco, on the other hand, shares his expertise as a coach at the Toronto Hockey School, imparting his skills and guidance to aspiring young players.

In addition to their professional endeavors, the couple prioritizes their family life, cherishing the time spent together as they navigate their respective careers. Their shared love for sports not only brought them together but also served as a foundation for their lives, as they instilled the values of teamwork, dedication, and passion within their children.

Jennifer Botterill and Adrian Lomonaco's journey as a married couple and devoted parents exemplify the strength of their bond and their commitment to each other. They continue to create a harmonious balance between their personal and professional lives, building a strong foundation for their family while making lasting contributions to the sports community.

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