Poland vs Argentina: Prediction, Head to Head, Kick-Off Time, Possible Line up, Players to Watch, Team History, and Betting Odds.

by Vicky Tue Nov,2022
Poland vs Argentina: Prediction, Head to Head, Kick-Off Time, Possible Line up, Players to Watch, Team History, and Betting Odds.

After a triumphant return, the Argentine squad showed why they are in the top ten favorites to win the FIFA World Cup 2022. And now, on November 30, it is Argentina vs. Poland. And here, we bring you a bit of their history and more. For, say, their track record in the FIFA World cup, past matches, and more!

While the Polish team is leading their group with 4 points, Argentina and Saudi Arabia are right on their tail with 3 points in their bag. And so, Argentina needs a win to secure a spot in the Round of 16 Stage. So will the Argentine players pull off a win against Poland? Well, here's a bit of their history in soccer!

Poland vs. Argentina: Head-to-head and Predictions!

Poland and Argentina butted heads in eleven matches throughout history. And out of those 11 matches, the Argentine squad bagged six wins. These two countries, Poland and Argentina, first played in the year 1966. 

Although the first game ended in a draw, Argentina bagged a win with a goal lead the next time they met. But in 1974, Poland won a significant victory in the 1974 World Cup. But after this, the Polish team lost four consecutive losses while playing against Argentina. After this, the European team won against the Argentine squad two more times. 

On paper, Argentina has already got the match in the bag, but that's just on paper. The Argentine squad is ranked. Third, Poland holds the number 26. The underdog could pull off a major upset like their first match in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. But, since their loss at the hands of Saudi Arabia, Argentina has dialed back their ego and played their game like it's the finals. Fans finally saw the team that won the 2022 Copa America. So, the probability of the Argentine squad winning the match with a 2-1 lead is high.

Argentina vs. Poland: Players to Watch and Possible lineup!

With Lionel Messi playing his last FIFA World Cup, he will be the center of attention. However, a few others might take the spotlight from the legend. The Polish striker Robert Lewandowski has garnered a similar legacy in football. And the Argentine squad might be in trouble if they let this man slip through their defenses. 

The current Polish roster holds many talented players who play predominantly in the European league. With a desperate Argentine squad on the field, the plays in the match will be one to be remembered. 

Possible Player Lineup of Argentina:

Possible Lineup for the Polish Squad:

Kick-Off Time and Betting Odds: Poland vs. Argentina

Poland vs. Argentina will kick off at 10:00 PM Qatar Time. Similarly, for Poland, the match will start at 8:00 PM CET. Likewise, the game begins at 4:00 PM ART for the South American nation, Argentina.

And as for the betting odds, 65% of the fans are on the Argentine bandwagon. Likewise, only 13% of the fans are betting on Poland's win. Lastly, 22% of the viewers placed their bets in a draw ending. 

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