Brazil vs Switzerland: Prediction, Head to Head, Time, Possible Line up, Players to Watch, Team History, and Betting Odds

Sun Nov,2022
Brazil vs Switzerland: Prediction, Head to Head, Time, Possible Line up, Players to Watch, Team History, and Betting Odds Soccer

Brazil and Switzerland both managed to win their first match in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. And now the Swiss team will face one of the fan favourites, Brazil. While the Brazilian squad won two nil in their match, the fight for those goals was hard-fought.

Unlike the Brazilian team, Switzerland won their game against Cameroon with a single-goal lead. Despite the struggle, the Swiss team might pull a huge upset. Here's what we think about the match; please keep reading!

Head-to-head and History of Brazil Vs Switzerland:

Over the years, Brazil and Switzerland faced off multiple times. Similarly, the Brazilian team bagged three games out of nine matches. While the Swiss team bagged two wins in the past. Lastly, the two nations ended four games in a draw. 

The most recent of their dual was in the FIFA 2018 World Cup. And in that match, the Swiss team vs the Brazilian squad ended the game in a tie. 

Despite the records, the new players on the field will have the weight to carry on their respective teams. However, Brazil has the most probability of winning. And we assume that the Brazilian squad will take home the game with a minor lead of one goal. 

Possible Lineup and Players to Watch Brazil Vs Switzerland!

Since the recent injury, Neymar will be sitting out on two matches. As such, there will be a massive gap in Brazil's formation. But, with players like Vinicius Junior in the fold, the Swiss team will not have any breathing room.

Switzerland's team might not be a cake in the park for Brazil as their strikers on the field are as talented. With a goal under in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Breel Embolo will be interesting to watch tomorrow's game. 

Possible Player Lineup for the Brazilian Squad:

Possible Lineup for the Swiss Team:

Brazil vs Switzerland: Betting Odds and Kick-off Time!

The Swiss and Brazilian squads have faced off multiple times throughout history. In 9 games, Brazil won three, and Switzerland bagged two matches. And four ended in a draw. 

And in this matchup, Brazil is the favourite to win, while the Swiss team is the underdog. And so, 65% of the fans put their money on Brazil. Likewise, only 14% of fans believe in the Swiss squad. While optimistic, 21% of the viewers placed their bet on a draw between Brazil and Switzerland. 

As the third match of November 28, the FIFA World Cup 2022, the kick-off time is at 7:00 PM Qatar UTC+03:00. Likewise, Brazil's time will be 1:00 PM UTC-03:00, and finally, the time for Switzerland will be 5:00 PM UTC+01:00.