Tyson Fury responds to Dana White's advice and said that her would smash him for free

by Jack Ol Fri Nov,2019
Tyson Fury responds to Dana White's advice and said that her would smash him for free

Things between Tyson Fury and UFC president Dana White are getting heated quickly as the former unified heavyweight champion said he would smash the UFC boss for free. The comments from Fury came after Dana advised him not to consider fighting in MMA.

Fury, who is expected to fight Deontay Wilder in a rematch in February 2020, is spotted appearing in different games lately. Most recently, he also made his WWE appearance where he fought Braun Strowman and was also seen training with UFC middleweight Darren Till.

The British boxer recently revealed that he talked with former UFC double division champ Conor McGregor and SBG coach John Kavanagh to train together. Dana commented on Fury's statement and advised him to stick to boxing.

"If Tyson Fury wants to fight in MMA, I've got a tonne of guys that would love to fight him," White told TMZ Sports.

"I just don’t know why. I can't wrap my head around why. Tyson Fury is a very marketable heavyweight, I believe he's one of the best in the world, he's an incredible fighter, and promoted the right way could be part of the three of four biggest fights in heavyweight history.

"So why come over here and get smashed when you can stay there? Tyson Fury your time is now. You’re the man in boxing. You’re one of the top four guys in the world in boxing. Why even think about coming over here?"

UFC president said.

Fury told that he heard about White's comment through his father and also hit back at White saying he would smash the UFC boss for free.

"I didn’t see them, but my dad saw them and my dad's calling him out for it," Fury told iFL TV at his book signing in London on Wednesday.

"I'd smash him for free, so I'm not bothered. Listen, everyone's got their opinion.

"I've got no interest really, I don't care. I'd probably get smashed in a lot of things, but do I care? No."

The former champion boxer also offered to have a tag team fight with him and fellow boxer Dillian Whyte taking on UFC's two best heavyweight- one being Stipe Miocic after he learnt that Stipe called out him.

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