Paulie Malignaggi Believes Taking Retirement would be a 'Smart' Option for Conor McGregor

Jack Ol
Tue Feb,2018
Paulie Malignaggi Believes Taking Retirement would be a 'Smart' Option for Conor McGregor Boxing

Paulie Malignaggi advised Conor Mcgregor that retirement would be a better option for him after being defeated with Floyd Mayweather earlier in August. Malignaggi was wanting a fight against the UFC featherweight champion last year, however, the talks with Irishman's representative was later broken down.

The former two-weight champion and retired fighter, Malignaggi helped in McGregor's training ahead of his fight against Mayweather. But the pair had an argument a day ahead of the fight night. Malignaggi was seen furiously leaving the training session on several social media posts.

In a recent interview with SkySports, the 37-year-old former boxer said,"I don't think McGregor is going to fight me, to be honest. I can keep baiting him or what-not but he has the sparring video and that video is not going to come out so he's going to have the advantage over time. I don't think he is going to fight me."

"He had his a** whooped in the sparring session and he has the whole world believing he didn't so he's not going to take a chance on that image and perception being changed.", the retired boxer added. "He'd be stupid to – if I was him, I'd be stupid to risk that perception changing because right now perception is reality. The reality wasn't that but if that perception is reality, he's going nowhere near me."

On the other side, McGregor is hinting his possible fight against some fighters like Tony Ferguson, Nate Diaz and even a rematch with Floyd Mayweather as the negotiations are going on. 

Conor McGregor vs Paulie Malignaggi would also not be a bad option either. Well, it can also be the publicity stunt of Malignaggi.