Saudi Arabia Vs Mexico: Prediction, Head to Head, Kick-Off Time, Possible Line up, Players to Watch, Team History, and Betting Odds

Tue Nov,2022
Saudi Arabia Vs Mexico: Prediction, Head to Head, Kick-Off Time, Possible Line up, Players to Watch, Team History, and Betting Odds Soccer

Despite their big win against Argentina, Saudi Arabia couldn't bag their second win. And now, the Arabian squad is desperate for a win. However, they were not as desperate as Mexico, who lost the second match and ended their first in a draw. And now, Mexico needs to win their next game for any hope of qualifying for the Round of 16. 

Mexico fans hope that their team will pull through this game. However, with Argentina holding the second spot, things for Mexico look grim as they stand at the bottom of Group C. But which nation will bag this match on November 30, 2022?

Mexico vs. Saudi Arabia: Head to Head and History!

Over the years, the Mexican and Saudi Arabian teams faced one another in multiple games. And Mexico won the majority of those matches. However, the question remains, will the Mexican squad make it five consecutive wins over Saudi Arabia, or will their opponent make another big upset?

Mexico is one of the first countries to ever play in a FIFA World Cup. Likewise, the South American nation was invited to play in the first-ever FIFA World Cup in 1930. So, the Mexican team has spent far more years in the FIFA tournament than the Saudi Arabian squad.

Saudi Arabia tried to enter the 1978 World Cup but couldn't qualify. And finally, in 1994, the golf country appeared in the FIFA World Cup. And including this FIFA World Cup, the Arabian team appeared in six world cups.

Predictions and Betting Odds of Mexico vs. Saudi Arabia:

Mexico is the favorite in their match against Saudi Arabia. But, things hardly go as planned, and once in the field, the Mexican team and Saudi Arabian squad share the desperation to win. But even if the Mexican team wins, things don't look bright for them. Currently, they remain at the bottom of Group C. 

Likewise, Saudi Arabia is currently tied to Argentina regarding points alone. However, the Argentine team is more likely to qualify for the Round of 16 if both Saudi and them win their respective match. And as for the predictions, Mexico could bag the game with a slight lead. Likewise, the scoreboard will probably be 3-2 in the Mexican team's favor. 

Most FIFA fans placed their bets on Mexico, with 57% betting on the Mexican team winning the game. Likewise, 23% of the viewers put their money in a draw. Lastly, Suadi Arabia is seen as the underdog, with only 20% of the fans betting on their win.

Mexico vs. Saudi Arabia: Players to Watch and Possible Lineup!

Despite their recent loss to Poland, Saudi Arabia played a beautiful game. Although their explosive first match in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the Arabian team's second game had much to desire. However, Saudi Arabia's forward Al-Shehri played to his fullest. And so, watching him in the match that decides their fate in FIFA 2022 shall be interesting. 

Possible Line up for Saudi Arabia:

Likewise, on Mexico's side of the field, their defense-heavy team will be a thorn in Saudi Arabia's sight. And as such, fans will place a close eye on players like Moreno, Montes, and Alvarez.

Mexican Squad's Possible Lineup:

Kick-off Time: Mexico vs. Saudi Arabia!

Mexico vs. Saudi Arabia is the second match alongside Poland vs. Argentina. As such, the game will kick off at 10:00 PM Qatar Local time. While Saudi Arabia shares the same timezone as Qatar, Mexico is nine hours behind. And in Mexico, it will be 2:00 PM CDMX when the match starts.