France vs Australia: Prediction, Head to Head, Time, Possible Line up, Players to Watch, Team History, and Betting Odds

by Vicky Tue Nov,2022
France vs Australia: Prediction, Head to Head, Time, Possible Line up, Players to Watch, Team History, and Betting Odds

As the 2022 World Cup is underway, it's time for the defending champion to play. And France will face Australia in today's November 22, 2022, match. Here's what we think the starting lineup will be in today's FIFA World Cup Group Stage match!

While the fans predict the French to win today's match, you never know when an upset can happen. While the Australian team never won the FIFA World Cup, by no means are they a weak team. And with some of the heavy hitters in the French squad leaving due to injuries, the Aussie team may pull off a fairy-tale victory in today's match. 

Head to Head: France vs. Australia!

The fact that Australia is facing France in their first match in World Cup 2022 might be unlucky for the Australian footballers. Although the Aussie team has some great players, the French team has giants, metaphorically. And many fans agree that the current French lineup is one formidable opponent.

Although the French team has some of the best offenses in the world, their defense is weak. And like them, the Aussie squad's defense has much to be desired. 

Counted as one of the best goalies in the world, Mathew Ryan and Hugo Lloris are the captains of their respective teams. While the goalkeepers may be on a similar level, the strikers on the France side have a better standing in the game.

Match up Time 

France vs. Australia will kick off at 10:00 PM local Qatari Time. So depending on the time zone, the match will begin at 19:00 GMT, 06:00 AEDT, 00:30 IST, and 03:00 HKT.

Possible Lineup for France!

One of the critical strikers of the French team, Karim Benzema, left the tournament on November 19. However, the bad news doesn't end there; Christopher Nkunku injured his leg and will miss the FIFA World Cup.

Well, here's the possible lineup of the French Football team:

Possible Lineup For the Australian Soccer Team

The Australian football team might be seen as the underdog in today's match. However, the Aussie team brought their A-listers. And they are bound to give the French team a good fight.

Here's a possible Line up for the Asutralian soccer team:

Players to watch on France vs. Australia FIFA match

Pretty sure most fans want to see their team score. However, defenders like Milos, Aziz, Benjamin, and Raphael should be some of the vital players in today's match. And similarly, both goalkeepers of France and Australia are some of the best goalies.

And with entertaining strikers like Mbappe on the field, fans will be watching the Australian defense in action. Similarly, Lackie will have to prove himself in today's match!

History and Betting odds!

France became the FIFA champion twice in the past. And is also one of the favorites to win the FIFA 2022 World Cup. In comparison, the Australian National football squad has never taken to the coveted cup home, which makes them more desperate to win.

Betting odds are overflowing with -380 favorites on the French corner. Likewise, the underdogs Australia holds +1100, so if they somehow pulled an upset, it'll make people very rich. 


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