Belgium vs Canada: Prediction, Head to Head, Time, Possible Line up, Players to Watch, Team History, and Betting Odds

Wed Nov,2022
Belgium vs Canada: Prediction, Head to Head, Time, Possible Line up, Players to Watch, Team History, and Betting Odds Soccer

Like many matches, Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup held exciting sets. And like so, the last match for today will be Belgium vs Canada. Most of the games so far had David versus Goliath vibe to matchmaking. Similarly, today's matches are likened to the story, with Belgium as the giant and the Canadian team as the underdog.

Belgium has been playing in the coveted FIFA World Cup for a long time. However, the Belgian football squad never won the FIFA World Cup championship title. The European country came close in the previous FIFA tournament in 2018; they became third.

On the other hand, Canada played twice in FIFA World Cup, including this one. So, fans worldwide believe Belgium will bag today's game by a landslide. Well, here's a bit about both teams, their lineup and their history! Starting with the match's kick-off!

Belgium vs Canada: Kick-Off!

Belgium vs Canada will kick off at 10:00 PM Qatari Local Time. In the United States, the match will start at 2:00 PM EST. Similarly, in Belgium, the game begins at 8:00 PM GMT+1. In Canada, the match will start at 2:00 PM GMT-5

Possible Lineup of Belgium and Canada!

Despite the vast difference in the teams, each team's lineup keeps the fans hooked. And here's a possible player lineup for today's game. We are starting with Canada!

Possible Player Lineup for the Canadian team!

Belgium Squad Lineup:

Players to Keep an eye on!

The football giants and the underdogs of this match hold some exciting players. Aside from the Hazard brothers, Belgium has a roster of all-star players. But fans will watch Eden and Thorgan for their fantastic teamwork. 

And over at the Canadian side of the field, their star striker Alphonso will be essential for his team. And his teammates are no slouches, either. Canada's forward Hoilett will also be one of the players to keep a close look.

History and Head-to-Head: Belgium and Canada

Over the years, Belgium has played in multiple FIFA World Cups. Similarly, in the previous FIFA tournament, the Belgian team was very close to the gold. However, their dreams were cut short by the would-be 2018 FIFA Champions, The French team. 

Their opponent for today, Canada, has competed in FIFA World Cup once before. And it was almost half a century ago. Also, the Canadian soccer team was eliminated in the 24th Group stage. 

Compared to the Belgian team, Canada has its work cut out for them. It's an uphill battle for the Canadian squad. However, it's not impossible for them. And now, let's cover the betting odds for the Canada VS Belgium match. 

Betting Odds:

Although the Belgian team is likely to win on paper, Canadian fans haven't given up just yet. As such, the betting odds aren't that vast. Belgium holds -190, Canada has +500, and a draw sits with +330. Likewise, 2.5 over has -136  and under has a +110. Also, the first team to goal has the Belgian squad at -250 and the Canadian team at +210; finally, no goals sits at +1300