Tunisia vs Australia: Prediction, Head to Head, Time, Possible Line up, Players to Watch, Team History, and Betting Odds

by Vicky Fri Nov,2022
Tunisia vs Australia: Prediction, Head to Head, Time, Possible Line up, Players to Watch, Team History, and Betting Odds

After a devastating loss, Australia will play once more on the group stage. And this time, the Australian squad will play against Tunisia. While Australia faced a crushing defeat at the hands of the defending champions, Tunisia ended their match in a draw with Denmark. 

Despite the draw, Tunisia will have to win their matches if they want to secure a spot in the following stages of the FIFA World Cup. However, the pressure for the Aussie team is twice as much. Since the loss in their match, the Australian team must win the games coming their way. 

Australia vs Tunisia: Prediction and Head-to-Head

The Tunisian team showed the world their competence in their match against one of the favourites, Denmark. Although the game ended in a draw, finishing in a tie is a win if the team you play against is that strong. So without a doubt, Tunisia will be hard to beat for the Aussie team. 

Of course, the Australian team is by no means a pushover. However, with the recent loss against France, the players in the Aussie team might just have found a fire lit inside of them. And despite the crushing score of 4-1, the Australian team scored a goal against the defending champions. 

Although the scoreboard during France vs Australia looked one-sided, the match was anything but that. And it could go both ways for the Australian team vs the Tunisian squad game. But, from the current standpoint, Tunisia will probably bag the win with a bit of back and forth, of course. 

Australia Vs. Tunisia: Kick-Off Time

The match between Australia and Tunisia will kick off at 1:00 PM Qatar Local Time. And so, the time for the Aussie nation is 5:00 AM UTC+. Similarly, the time during the kick-off is 11:00 AM for Tunisia, UTC+. 

Possible Lineup For Australia and Tunisia

Despite the crushing defeat in their match against Frace, Australia might keep their current lineup. And with two of their players already getting yellow cards, they must take caution about receiving more of those cards. Similarly, Tunisia might follow suit and keep its lineup the same as its first match in the FIFA World Cup 2022. 

And here's the possible lineup for both teams:

Possible Lineup For Australia:

Tunisian Possible Lineup:

Team History and Betting Odds: Australia vs Tunisia!

Over the history of football, Australia and Tunisia have faced off twice. In the late 1990s, the Aussie team pulled a three-nil victory in a friendly match. And eight years later, Tunisia got the revenge match with two nil on the scoreboard. 

And since then, the two nations have never met in the field. And on November 26, 2022, Australia and Tunisia will face off for the third time in history. Will it be a revenge match for the Australian team, or will the Tunisian squad bag the game with two wins over their opponent? 

Betting Odds for Tunisia vs Australia is pretty balanced compared to the rest of the matches so far. While 45% of the fans are betting on the Tunisian team's victory, around 26% are putting their money on Australia. And about 29% of fans believe the match will result in a draw! 

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