Nate Diaz tries Pushing 165 LBS Belt Match Against Dustin Poirier, But Daddy Dana Says No!

Wed Sep,2018
Nate Diaz tries Pushing 165 LBS Belt Match Against Dustin Poirier, But Daddy Dana Says No! MMA

Nate Diaz and Dustin Poirier are headlining UFC 230 but that's not the biggest thing on the mat right now, but Nate and Dustin's claim about them fighting for the inaugural 165lb title is actually is. Nate too on Twitter and announced all the Stockton's badass fans that he and Dustin are fighting for the 165 strap which was a cool idea, as many Welterweights were trying to push the idea of having another weight class in the game.

Here is a Tweet from Nate which Reads:

I’m Happy to announce that I’m bringing a new weight division to the Ufc I’ll be fighting the main event November 3rd in NYC against Dustin Poirier for the first ever 165lb belt super fighter division I’m happy to be apart of history @Dana White

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Here is the official tweet:

As soon as Nate got off the twitter, even Poirier got on it and repeated the same thing:

Its been a long journey but here we are. NYC 1st ever 165lb Title in the UFC! 

Here is what Dustin tweeted:

Despite two fighters claiming the fact that they are about to fight for the strap, Dana White and UFC denied it right away, sources claim that this is a prank tried by Diaz and Poirier.

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After Diaz-Poirier 165-pound title talk, Dana White explained earlier this year why he doesn't want the new division #UFC230 • • •  @themmaroadshow – @usatodaysports

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Dana White has always been against the idea of adding another weight class ever since this debate came into talks, it looks like Dana White is still against the 165 division, White in 2017 had said:

“It’s never going to change. You’re still going to have people trying to – let’s say I add a 165-pound weight class. That will only mean bigger guys will try to make 165. Everybody’s always looking for an advantage.”

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So, without an official approval from UFC's playmaker and Big daddy Dana, this division is still a fantasy weight class which could accommodate a wide range of talents who are having a problem with 170 and are bigger for 155 lbs. So, let's remind you all one thing, Dana is a wise businessman and the talks can still be on the table but he might be hesitant about spreading the word out before things settle out.

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Nate Vs Dustin Highlights the legendary Madison Square Garden on Sunday, November 4th.