Dustin Poirier Denies Nate Diaz’s Claim That He Doesn’t Want To Fight For 165 LBS Belt: ‘I’m 100% down’

Sat Sep,2018
Dustin Poirier Denies Nate Diaz’s Claim That He Doesn’t Want To Fight For 165 LBS Belt: ‘I’m 100% down’ MMA

How big is Nate's fiefdom? It is still unknown, what is he capable to do? Can he be able to pull out the 165 LBS Division? There is a lot of unanswered question to this, and after Nate Diaz claimed on Twitter that Dustin Poirier doesn’t want to fight for the 165-pound belt at UFC 230, we thought it was real, but after Dustin Replied that he is 100% down with it, Diaz seems sure to back off from UFC 230's Main Event.


On the other hand, UFC president Dana White seems 100% sure that he would never introduce another belt class in the UFC. This whole thing seems confusing the fight fans a lot. 

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After Nate tweeted about the integration of a new belt class, we all thought that White was hiding something behind his back and was waiting for a big day to announce it, but Dana Just said that he has zero interest in adding another weight class and making UFC look more like Boxing and lose its value, Nate outed another statement and blamed it on Dustin.

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Immediately after that, Poirier replied it saying he was 100% down with the idea of fighting for the belt, it looked like Nate was warning Dana to give it, or just find a new main event.

So, Dustin said Hold on that noise, this means he wants Nate to keep on bragging for that, but at the same time, he wants the match to happen regardless the weight class, but Nate has clearly said that if it's not for the 165 lbs, he isn't interested in it, at all. Isn't it funny?

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After Diaz-Poirier 165-pound title talk, Dana White explained earlier this year why he doesn't want the new division #UFC230 • • • @themmaroadshow – @usatodaysports

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Nate Vs. Dustin is set for UFC 230, and so far Nate Diaz is seen trying to push the 165 LBS division hard enough, despite Dana White denying the clams.

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