Logan Paul Tries To Make Dana White Understand The Fight Business, Says Paycheck Equals Fight

September 24, 2018
First published on:September 24, 2018
by James

Late August, was when YouTube celebrity Logan Paul shared a squared ring against another social media star KSI. The pay-per-view numbers for the fight was really impressive, selling near around 800,000 Pay-Per-Views. After he did the largely viewed Boxing match against KSI, Logan Paul openly expressed his interest in fighting in an MMA match in the octagon, but UFC president Dana White just said no.


Dana shut his interest saying some strong words towards Paul, Dana in UFC 229's press day, after Khabib Vs. Conor's press conference talking to media outlet said: "Trust me, don’t play around over here, You will get hurt".

He further backed his statement with and slammed Paul's interest in fighting CM Punk which he had expressed with TMZ's reporters. But looks like the 24 years old youtube who reportedly was a well-polished wrestler in his high school days isn't able to believe what Dana said and took on twitter once again to push on Dana White's intentions of not making something like KSI vs. Logan Paul inside the octagon.

Logan on his official twitter said:

This shows the youtube star is really talking business here and really wants to put efforts to make something happen besides an amateur boxing match inside the squared ring, he is interested in mixing things up. Further, Paul with this tweet is seen teaching Dana White a business lesson and is trying to show him the numbers he did with his last PPV fight with KSI. 

When you think about it, he is only 24 and has a strong wrestling base, so if he makes a solid effort, Logan Paul can actually be a UFC's new cash cow, and Dana is a good businessman, and UFC is at the same time, a deadly sports, hence Dana knows how to pick his cards wisely.

Right now, Dana has more than three huge super fights on his hands, Conor Vs. Khabib is a huge Pay Per View day, at the same time, Nate Diaz is making his most awaited return to the Octagon against Dustin Poirier, and a possible DC Vs. Brock, Paul is knocking Dana's Door at a wrong time.

What, we suggest Logan Paul is to start training and hit Dana After a year or so, and Paul can actually get a UFC celebrity fight deal.