Is Venus Williams Married and Has Children? Details of Her Affairs and Dating Rumors

by Jon Snow Thu May,2018
Is Venus Williams Married and Has Children? Details of Her Affairs and Dating Rumors

For tennis lovers, the American professional tennis player Venus Williams, born as Venus Ebony Starr William is not a new face at all. 37-year-old, Venus Willimas,  generally regarded as one of the all-time greats of women's tennis alongside her younger sister Serena Williams, is the 4 times Olympic gold medalist in 2000 Sydney Singles, 2000 Sydney Doubles, 2008 Beijing Doubles, and 2012 London Doubles.


Along with her professional career achievement and net worth of $95 million, Venus' personal life is also the concern of all. Though she is not reported to be married alike her younger sister, Venus is dating her new boyfriend. Curious about her relationships? Let's know all about Venus' relationship, datings, boyfriend, and past affairs.

Is Venus Williams Married?

Well, it looks like the perfect moment of marriage has not arrived for Venus Williams. But she doesn't lag behind to find the Mr. Perfect for her. Currently, she is reported to be dating her new boyfriend after the relationship didn't work out with her former boyfriend Elio Pis.

Venus Williams new boyfriend is none other than Nicholas Hammond, who is reported to be a wealthy financier as per the NY Daily Post. He is reported to be the son of socialite Dana Hammond and her ex-husband, James, further, Nicholas is reportedly around 12 years younger than Williams.

CAPTION: Venus Williams spotted with her new boyfriend Nicholas SOURCE: Tennis World USA

The couple has not disclosed their dating details, however, it is estimated that they are in a relationship since late 2017. 

The issue got the highlights after Nicholas Hammond appeared as Venus' date in her sister Serena's wedding where Caroline Wozniacki and her NBA fiance David Lee, Beyonce, Eva Longoria, and Kim Kardashian were also the center point of attraction.

CAPTION: Venus Williams and her new boyfriend Nicholas Hammond a SOURCE: Daily Mail

Also, the couple was reported to be seen together in Palm Beach many times, where Nicholas' family owns a  $20 million mansion. Despite being caught by people and paparazzi, Venus Williams has not shared a photo of his current boyfriend, personally on her social media.


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So, are Nicholas aka Nicky and Venus ready to take their relationship further? As far, no reports of the couple's intention of engagement or marriage plans are out yet.

Let's wait to hear what the future has to offer, and wish them best.

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Past Affairs and Relationship rumors of Venus Williams

Well, it seems like for both sisters, Venus and Serena, the first love is not their forte. Back in December 2007, Venus dated pro golfer Hank Kuehne. The former couple even got engaged in January 2007 after 11 months of dating. 

However, after 2 years of their engagement, the two broke up in 2010 without any disclosed reason. And later Hank married his wife Andy in May 2011.

CAPTION: Venus Williams' ex-fiancee Hank Kuehne SOURCE: Larry Brown Sports

Seems Venus took a bit longer to move on, and in 2013, she started dating Elio Pis. However, the fortune of Venus was not destined to be with him and they broke up in 2017 after 4 years of dating, keeping the reason for their split a secret.

CAPTION: Venus Williams' former boyfriend Elio Pis SOURCE: Male Celeb News

Currently, Venus is dating millionaire handsome hunk, Nicholas Hammond. 

Stay tuned for more updates!


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