Conor McGregor's Persona Shifts Again, Conor McGregor Donates To Sick Child’s GoFundMe Account

Sat Sep,2018
Conor McGregor's Persona Shifts Again, Conor McGregor Donates To Sick Child’s GoFundMe Account MMA

Conor McGregor wears this aggressive and super arrogant persona which pretty much defines Conor McGregor's image but the UFC's biggest star isn't just about showing up in style and making money for himself. He does give back and does good thing outside the cage as well.


It's very difficult to define Conor McGregor's persona. He keeps doing things that make us think again about our mindset on Conor McGregor. Yesterday, on 27th September, Conor McGregor eased a mother who was going through her child's nasogastric intubation.

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Conor McGregor donated the required €10000 to a sick child's account opened in GoFundMe, and the great thing about the notorious one was, he didn't even do it for media and publicity, the child's mom decided to take on Twitter and acknowledge the world the kindness shown by the Irishman. 

The child's mother even mentioned Floyd Mayweather and let him know, what Conor did for her son, it looked like Grainne's way to thank Floyd Mayweather for giving Conor the opportunity to fight Floyd and make money for himself which made him able to help her child.

Grainne McCullough’s son Bru has undergone a nasogastric intubation since September, and she had created an account in the GoFundMe's website after finding it difficult to give Bru a better care that he deserved.

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After setting up a GoFundMe account, she was looking forward to collecting 10,000 Euro and McGregor on seeing it donated the amount all on his own and it looks like the father of a baby boy was somehow able to relate to it.

Conor McGregor is eight days away from fighting the current UFC LW champion Khabib Nurmagomedov for the UFC Lightweight Championship on 6th of October 2018, at the T-Mobile Arena in Nevada.