Andrade Predicts Lemos Will Secure UFC Title with Knockout Power Beyond Zhang Weili

Tue Aug,2023
Andrade Predicts Lemos Will Secure UFC Title with Knockout Power Beyond Zhang Weili MMA

Former UFC strawweight champion Jessica Andrade holds a strong conviction that her compatriot from Brazil, Amanda Lemos possesses the explosive knockout capability required to ascend to the position of the UFC's next strawweight champion. Andrade, who has transitioned to competing in the flyweight category, voiced this assertion in a recent interview with MMA Fighting.

In her words, Lemos radiates the illuminating "it factor" that often separates champions from contenders. Andrade even ventured to suggest that Lemos' knockout potency surpasses that of Zhang Weili, the reigning UFC strawweight champion. "Amanda Lemos, in my view, boasts a comprehensive skill set that primes her for championship status," Andrade asserted. " She's the embodiment of a complete fighter From power and speed to technique. I'm confident she's poised to seize the next champion title."

Such praise for Lemos finds company in the echoes of others. The president of the UFC, Dana White, himself echoed similar sentiments, dubbing Lemos a "special" athlete harboring the potential to ascend to championship glory. Presently occupying the third spot in the UFC strawweight rankings, Lemos bolsters her case with an impressive knockout victory over Angela Hill in her most recent bout.

Lemos' career curve is set to hit a changing point on July 2, 2023, when she is to face former champion Carla Esparza. Should Lemos emerge victorious against Esparza, she would undoubtedly inch closer to an opportunity to vie for the coveted UFC strawweight title. Andrade's optimism regarding Lemos' potential is palpable, with her confidently predicting a knockout victory for Lemos against Esparza and envisioning a subsequent placement as the strawweight champion.

Andrade's bold prediction is not deprived of rationale. Lemos emerges as an exceptional fighter with immense potential. Her ability to dispatch opponents with knockout power places her in a select category within the strawweight division. With the continued refinement of her skill set and an elevated fight IQ, Lemos could unquestionably emerge as a viable contender for the UFC strawweight championship. Should this prediction come to fruition, Andrade's congratulatory sentiments will resound among the first to celebrate Lemos' remarkable achievement. As the journey unfolds, the spotlight remains on Lemos.