"These fools pull out more times than I do with my d**k": Conor McGregor responds to Tony Ferguson

Jack Ol
Tue Apr,2018
"These fools pull out more times than I do with my d**k": Conor McGregor responds to Tony Ferguson MMA

Conor McGregor will have to hand over his Lightweight title without stepping up for any title defense match. Tony Ferguson was originally put forward to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov for the belt but in the nick of time, Tony stepped back calling a knee injury. 

With all these happenings around, you can't expect The Notorious to keep quiet.

To be true, it is his belt and will be taken by the fighters, he would never give a fu*k. On one side is the Russian Khabib who has always called out Conor while another side is Max Holloway who once was defeated by him but will hold both of his belts if he wins.

The Irishman took no time to hit on Tony Ferguson as he withdrew from the UFC 223. McGregor's tweet came right after Khabib accused the Mystic Mac of talking the talk but not walking the walk.



McGregor addressed Khabib previously and tweeted: "Stay Ready", in reply Khabib wrote, "be ready to stay on the line".

With a surprise to all, UFC president Dana White brought up Max Holloway in replacement which made Khabib hit on McGregor with a tweet: "Where are you now?"

Clearing the doubts Dana revealed that Conor would not meet the weight in only six days and 29 years old deserved a bigger build for his return to the octagon. He said:

I don't think Conor McGregor could make the weight on six days notice. That's a tough weight cut for him. And Conor isn't exactly the guy I want to throw in as a late replacement fighter.

"He's a guy I want to make a fight with, have the right amount of time to promote the fight, have the fight in the right place. No, I'm not interested in asking Conor to take the fight. I think that Conor could return in September and it could be against one of these guys.

McGregor has not stepped into the octagon after his boxing match against Floyd Mayweather in November 2016.

Hopefully, Dana and McGregor might be planning for a sensational return. Whatever the set up is, you have to admit that UFC will be more exciting with the Irishman's return either you like or dislike him.