World Cup 2018 Uruguay vs Russia: Prediction, Betting Odds, Kick-Offs, Line-Ups, Coverage, Players to Watch, and Predictions

Mon Jun,2018
World Cup 2018 Uruguay vs Russia: Prediction, Betting Odds, Kick-Offs, Line-Ups, Coverage, Players to Watch, and Predictions Soccer

The battle to being Group Winners have already started in Russia World Cup 2018. As Saudi Arabia and Egypt battles for a winning; Host Russia and previous WC's semifinalist Uruguay will overshadow Salah's Worldcup 2018's last game as Russia and Uruguay push forward their last Group A match today on 25th June.


Russia and Uruguay have come along a win and as per setup, they will have to go head to head with each other to come out as a group winners. As winners of one group will see the contender of the other group, in many cases winning or losing can be a problem for these two Underdogs as they might have to face a much stronger opponent from another team. Hence nothing can be said about today's match. 

Kickoffs and Timing

The final game of Group A, Uruguay, and Russia takes place at Samara Arena, with kick-off scheduled for 15 PM ET.

If your country is a FIFA member, then the match will be televised on your national channels. Whereas English fans can catch the live action on BBC1 and BBC5 (Commentary), further apple and play store apps have also been released for traveling fans. So find a possible app to get the world cup in your pocket.

As per our social media portals, out of 100 percent participants, slightly over 55% have guesses Uruguay to win in today's match. Here are the possible betting odds as per Bet fair

  • Russia to win 1-0: 7/1
  • Luis Suarez to score: 6/4
  • Artem Dzyuba to score: 15/8

Uruguay needs a win to be a group leader, whereas, for the Russian side, a draw shall work just fine.

Football History

The two nations have met once before, drawing 1-1 in a friendly back in 2012.

Player's lineups

Uruguay XI: Muslera; Caceres, Coates, Godin, Laxalt, Sanchez, Torreira, Bentancur, De Arrascaeta; Suarez, Cavani

Russia XI: Akinfeev; Fernandes, Kutepov, Ignashevich, Zhirkov; Zobnin, Gazinksy; Samedov, Golovin, Cheryshev; Dzyuba

Upsets in the lineups

Uruguay has made a change in its defensive line after it's defender Jose Maria Gimenez caught an injury and was ruled out of the game. 

Players to watch

Uruguay's team will highlight Suarez, Cavani, and  Godin as the MVP's of today's match, whereas Russian team will highlight Samedov, Golovin, and Dzyuba as its valuable players to start the game with.

Players Wiki Predicts

Though Uruguayan side is in a desperate search of a win, they will possibly see a 1-1 draw on today's match against Russia as Russian side have a home ground advantage. Further, looking at the defensive lineup that Russia has put forward, it will be difficult for Uruguayan players to net one in!