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Subriel Matias, a professional boxer from Puerto Rico, currently holds the IBF junior welterweight title, renowned for his devastating knockout ability, having dispatched all 20 of his opponents thus far.

Matias also stands as a staunch representative of his hometown, Fajardo, where he persevered through a challenging upbringing marked by poverty and violence, surviving two shootings. This article aims to delve deeper into his life, career trajectory, and notable accomplishments.

Early Life and Amateur Career

 Born on March 31, 1992, in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, Matias navigated a tumultuous environment characterized by economic hardship and neighborhood strife.

Subriel-MatiasSubriel-Matias has represented Puerto Rico on International StagesImage Source: Instagram 

Discovering boxing at age 12, inspired by the legendary Felix Trinidad, he found solace and purpose in the sport, channeling his energy and aggression positively. Matias flourished in his amateur endeavors, boasting an impressive record of 80 wins out of 100 bouts, with 22 ending in knockouts. 

Notable achievements include triumphs in the Isaac Barrientos and Cheo Aponte tournaments, alongside representing Puerto Rico on the international stage in events like the Pan American Games and World Championships.

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Professional Debut and Rise to Prominence

Transitioning to the professional realm in 2015 at 23, Matias immediately asserted his dominance, securing a debut victory by knocking out Juan Rojas Rodriguez in the first round. He continued his streak of victories, all via knockout, culminating in a notable triumph over British veteran Breidis Prescott, whom he dispatched in the third round.

Subriel-MatiasSubriel-Matias has great career statsImage Source: Instagram 

However, it was his 2019 clash with the undefeated Maxim Dadashev in an IBF junior welterweight title eliminator that truly thrust Matias into the spotlight. Despite the tragic outcome resulting from Dadashev's severe injury during the bout, Matias displayed his formidable skills, eventually dedicating his win to his fallen opponent.

Balancing Competition and Health Risks

Subriel Matías Matthew encountered a devastating occurrence in his boxing journey when his opponent, Maxim Dadashev, tragically succumbed to complications arising from their bout in July 2019. In the aftermath of Dadashev's collapse post-fight, Matías faced a 30-day suspension from the Maryland State Athletic Commission due to concerns regarding "laceration/head blows."

Although this incident might be perceived as a significant obstacle for Matías, it is not categorized as a direct personal injury hindering his career advancement. Instead, it underscores the inherent risks associated with the sport of boxing.

 Examining His Impact on the Sport

Subriel Matías Matthew has garnered remarkable accomplishments throughout his boxing journey, notably clinching the prestigious IBF World Super Light title.

Among his notable triumphs stands his decisive victory in February 2023, where he seized the IBF 140-pound world title in a gripping showdown against Jeremias Nicolas Ponce. 

Furthermore, Matías has showcased his dominance in the ring by securing numerous wins via TKO (Technical Knockout) and RTD (Referee Technical Decision) across his professional career, underscoring his proficiency and prowess as a boxer. These accolades serve as compelling evidence of Matías's exceptional skill set and undeniable success within the realm of boxing.

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IBF Junior Welterweight Champion and Future Endeavors

Ascending to the pinnacle of the sport, Matias claimed the IBF junior welterweight championship in February 2023 following a thrilling showdown with Jeremias Ponce. Exhibiting his superior prowess and power, Matias overwhelmed Ponce, securing victory in the fifth round with three knockdowns and prompting his opponent to concede.

Subriel-MatiasSubriel-Matias is a IBF junior championship SOURCE: Instagram

Now established as one of the premier athletes in the junior welterweight division, Matias eyes future challenges against formidable adversaries such as Teofimo Lopez, Devin Haney, and others holding major titles. With unwavering confidence and a relentless spirit, Matias is determined to solidify his status as the division's elite and bring pride to his nation. 

Family Background

Subriel Matias spent his formative years in Maternillo, a financially disadvantaged coastal village in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Throughout his upbringing, Matias received significant support from his mother, grandmother Viviana, and a paternal figure, Julio de Jesús.

Additionally, he has a younger sister named Chaneiry. Matias has chosen to maintain privacy regarding his family life. His early interests included a passion for motorcycling, evidenced by his ownership of both a Harley Davidson and a Vespa.

At the age of 12, he embarked on his boxing journey, drawing inspiration from the achievements of his idol, Felix Trinidad, a celebrated Puerto Rican boxing legend enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

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