Khabib's Manager Ali Abdelaziz responds to Conor McGregor's ‘terrorist snitch' taunt

by Jack Ol Fri Sep,2018
Khabib's Manager Ali Abdelaziz responds to Conor McGregor's ‘terrorist snitch' taunt

Conor McGregor got furious at Khabib Nurmagomedov's manager Ali Abdelaziz and called the Egyptian a ‘terrorist snitch' during the UFC 229 press conference. Ali has recently responded on Irishman's taunt.

Abdelaziz appeared on the latest episode of Anatomy of fighter and said:

“I just asked why he has belts? That's all I ask.”

During the face-to-face standoff at UFC 229 press conference, The Notorious began throwing profanities at Abdelaziz and called him a “mad terrorist snitch”. He also went on to ask “how’s Noah?”


"Shut your mouth, Ali Abdelaziz! Mad terrorist. Terrorist snitch. I know a lot about you as well, you mad rat! I know a lot about you as well. You keep your mouth shut, kid. Let me take my picture. How's Noah? How's Noah? Huh? Yeah. Shut your mouth! Never speak about me ever in your life. Watch yourself around me because you'll be out of here quick."

"Fuck you! Fool! Don't come at the king. Don't ever come at the king."

According to the report from RealFightStories, Abdelaziz is a former member of Muslims of the Americas (MOA), a terrorist organization in the US, but later turned into an informant for the NYPD after facing multiple charges.



And, Noah is the son Ali abandoned in Colorado. Abdelaziz reportedly owes child support money.

Conor seems to have done a lot of homework on his research for the trash talk. 

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