Chuck Liddell Vs. Tito Ortiz Trilogy Is Sure To Happen, Know the Fight Date and Venue

Fri Aug,2018
Chuck Liddell Vs. Tito Ortiz Trilogy Is Sure To Happen, Know the Fight Date and Venue MMA

Chuck Liddell tried to push (Tito Ortiz Vs. Chuck Liddell III) fight many times, but Dana White discarded the possibility saying that the UFC is the young man's sports but it looks like the fighters are set to make their trilogy happen at any cost.


Chuck Liddell now has a date for his trilogy fight with Tito, he on Larry King's Show outed the time and place for the fight:

The Match happens at the LA Forum, November 24th. I’m very excited about it, and it’s gonna be a good one”

Two former UFC Hall-of-Famers Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz trilogy was publicised somewhere in June as Golden Boy Promotions’ first MMA event. It sounds like a big money fight as the Ortiz Vs. Liddell fight till date remains the UFC's largest grossing fights with $3.3 million gate.

Liddell in 2010, was forced to a retirement with three back to back losses and he thinks it's not the way he wants to hang his globes, he wants to return home with a win whereas Tito still looks for that one win against Chuck. So after nine years, they return to entertain fans and want to give the dogfight that fans saw nearly a decade ago.

He clearly said to Larry that the retirement he was handed was against his will, which is the reason behind his return:

“I didn’t really actually go out the way I wanted to. I wanted to get back into shape and see if I could fight again"

Chuck further added:

"I didn’t end my career on my own terms, and this is my chance to do that."

Liddell also says that the fight is being promoted similar to how boxing matches are, where fighters get a share of the revenue. This week, it was also reported that the California State Athletic Commission is on its final step of approving fighter licenses for both Liddell and Ortiz.

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