Video Report: Cris Cyborg and Dana White Confrontation in backstage at UFC 240

August 2, 2019 by Jack Ol

Cris Cyborg met Dana White a moments after she a win over Felicia Spencer at UFC 240 where she asked the UFC president about the comments made by him. Some days back, White told media that Cyborg wasn't accepting the rematch against Amanda Nunes which the former Featherweight champion said were false.

Cyborg and Dana were spotted shaking hands and making verbal exchanges in a video blog released by Cyborg.

“You know I text you for the rematch. You know this. Stop lying about it. What you are saying that I don’t want to fight. You know that I want to fight and I’m not scared.”, Cyborg is heard saying.

“I’m not lying about it. I don’t know if you know how it played out with management and whatever but we want to do that fight. I want to do that fight right now. We’ll get it done.”

White replied.

Listen, whenever you hearing me saying stuff, I’m not saying….the truth,” is what is written in the subtitles but is not so subtle although listening back to it, there doesn’t appear to be any suggestion that White actually said anything about, “the truth.”