Video: Conor McGregor teammate Dillo Danis punched at New York nightclub

Jack Ol
Wed Jul,2019
Video: Conor McGregor teammate Dillo Danis punched at New York nightclub MMA

Bellator MMA Fighter and close friend of UFC star Conor McGregor and also his jiu-jitsu trainer Dillon Danis gained quite a recognition over a year for his involvement in the UFC 229 aftermatch brawl against Khabib Nurmagomedov and his teammate.

The 9-time Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion, who has been one of the most controversial MM fighters most recently, was attacked at a New York night club “The Box” last week. Dailymail reported that “El Jeffe” was violently attacked by an unknown person while he was just sitting down relaxing.

“Dillon was just sitting down relaxing and that shirtless guy with the yellow garland just attacked him."

An eyewitness said.

“You’re not supposed to take any photos or videos at all in the Box, they throw you out immediately if they see you doing that,” he said.

“But I’m a UFC fan and I knew that was Dillon Danis, so when I saw things were starting to get aggressive I pulled out my phone real quick, then I ran right out of there.

“All the security rushed in and loads of people, including Dillon, ran outside with me.”

The eyewitness added.

All things considered, Danis does not appear to be seriously injured, and security broke up the fight quickly. According to the witness, Danis made his way outside of the club.

Could he be Khabib fan? 

Well, Dillon has called out several UFC and MMA stars over the year and has also been involved in trash talking and bad mouth. So, the attacker could be a supporter of any one of them.