Twitter Reactions on: Who is the right man to become the UFC president after Dana White retires?

January 6, 2020
First published on:January 6, 2020
by Jack Ol

Dana White is one of the most controversial sports executives due to his up-front personality and the offensive language he uses but he is the reason behind all the success UFC and MMA has achieved today.  From getting the deal with Fox to signing with the ESPN, from merging UFC-WEC to buying other MMA promotions like Strikeforce and Pride FC, and from setting up McGregor-Mayweather boxing match to making UFC one of the biggest PPV events- all these achievements make him one of the best executives today.

Not only these but his artistry in promoting the fights also makes him the favorites among the sports executives. Well, he might not be a suited-booted businessman but his take no prisoners personality has impressed the fight fans.

Dana is the brain of UFC and he is the actual champion since he was the one who suggested Lorenzo Fertitta and his brother Frank buy the bankrupt organization in 2001 which has now grown to be the multi-billion dollar enterprise under his presidency.

The 2010s was a great decade for the UFC and with the start of 2020, UFC fans are expecting more entertaining fights from Dana. However, the British actor Michael Parr has something different in mind. He recently made a tweet asking Jed Meshew II of MMA Fighting, who could be the perfect replacement for Dana White as the president of UFC.



Twitter Reactions:

Some Fans think Chael Sonnen is the perfect replacement as his up-front personality matches with the UFC president and is alot better when it comes to foul language



The other supported Chael as the only logical replacement for Dana and wrote:




Who do you believe would be the perfect replacement for Dana White and be able to take UFC to the whole new level?