T.J. Dillashaw And Boxing Superstar Gervonta Davis Getting in A social Media War, For Possible MMA Match

Sun Aug,2018
T.J. Dillashaw And Boxing Superstar Gervonta Davis Getting in A social Media War, For Possible MMA Match MMA

T.J. Dillashaw after winning his next MMA match against the former champion Cody Garbrandt has caught all attention from the Boxing world too. Dillashaw (15-3 MMA, 11-3 UFC) and WBA superstar and current WBA featherweight champion Gervonta Davis are seen engaged in a social media war.


It looks like Floyd Mayweather isn't stepping into the octagon but another fighter from the Mayweather Promotions is interested in getting into the Octagon. Here is an account of all the back and forth going action between the MMA BW champ and Boxing FW champion.

On 5th of August, Davis tweeted, a call out message for TJ via his twitter and said:

The UFC bantamweight champ seized the moment and re-twitted his tweet with a call out message to Gervonta Davis four days after the Davis' tweet:

This didn't end here; they both are now actually beefing on each other and the event has actually ignited the possible MMA VS. Boxing in an MMA match. On 9th August, Dillashaw was quickly replied by the boxing prodigy and this time he used very strong words and asked if TJ was the one who was actually typing it off.

To this, Killashaw suggested that Gervonta would wish if it wasn't TJ as


Where is this going? All fans have their eyes at the possible bout now and the fighters also seem pumped about it. We saw a similar back and forth going action between Conor and Floyd before they settled it in a Boxing Vs MMA mega-event inside the ring in Vegas but these two aren't possibly stopping any sooner, but this is now the talk of the town and MMA anchor Brendan Schaub has further hyped it.

He in his official Twitter wrote a curious note which further clarifies all of it:

T.J said that he is open for whatever if it's a boxing ring or an MMA octagon he is willing to go out there and give it to the featherweight Boxing champion, in his tweet to Schaub and said:

Till today, it has turned into a different story, On 11th of August, TJ posted a photoshopped image of him kicking Gervonta and wrote "Nap Time", here is the tweet:

To which Davis replied that he Will whip TJ's A**

Still, a lot of people have given their view on the possible fight that might happen, and people are once again talking about MMA VS. Boxing. So is the hype actually on? So, on 11th Of August, TJ took a final blow on Davis and went far off, which actually mean that this may really be on.

Let's take a look:

The featherweight fighter six hours ago shared his interest in fighting T.J regardless of a ring or an Octagon and shared that he is ready. 

TJ further said, that his career isn't that good and he is relevant only because he fights under Floyd's promotions:

Its now up to their respective promotions to carry the fight further as these two lads seem super ready. Davis shows a sign that he might make a transition to the MMA and shared that he is the only person who can beat him to which TJ is still to reply. 

So far the boxer is a clean 20-0 boxer and is a WBA and IBF super featherweight champion, so he is a tough bone for sure but the fight isn't finalized and authorities have remained silent on this whole issue. If this match is to be made, maybe the super fight between Henry and TJ would have to wait, as people are still willing to burn their money for an MMA Vs. Boxing match inside the Octagon.