Japan vs Senegal: World Cup 2018 prediction, odds, kick-offs, Possible Line-ups, History and Coverage

Sun Jun,2018
Japan vs Senegal: World Cup 2018 prediction, odds, kick-offs, Possible Line-ups, History and Coverage Soccer

Senegal Vs. Japan Kicks off exactly at 3 PM GMT in the second round of their group stage game in Group H. Coming into the second game, both Japs and Senegalese are trusty for today's win as this game will decide if they have a spot in super 16's of the World Cup. 


Though Poland and Colombia have overshadowed Japanese as well as Senegalese fame, Senegal suddenly was able to pocket a 2-1 win over Poland and on the other hand, Japan also disappointed another star team of Colombia with a 2-1 victory. With its recent win over Columbia, Japan is now the only Asian nation to disappoint a South American team in Worldcup. So, here is today's fixtures, lineups, history and coverage that you wait.

Live On BBC One and live commentary on BBC 5

Russia 2018 Worldcup is televised worldwide from basically every Fifa affiliated countries (with broadcast authority). If you are an Englishman, BBC One will be broadcasting the game and if you like the old fashion live commentaries on your ride back home, BBC5 will be on live commentaries. Further, the viewers can stream the match online via the BBC iPlayer.

Here are the basic Betting tips for Fans who are willing to invest in today's match

As per our Social media polls and after seeing charts in various reliable betting sites, Senegal is expected to get a win by bet lovers.

Here's the main betting line up

  • Japan to win 1-0: 8/1
  • Senegal to win 2-1: 2-1
  • Sadio Mane to score last: 9/2

Japan Vs. Senegal Match History

So far the Nippon Warriors have faced Senegal thrice and but they are yet to win. Samurai Blue's have not been able to win any of its previous matches with Senegalese; in three matches, they have drawn only once and have lost twice, but the last time they met each other was in 2003.

Players to Watch from both side

Sadio Mane, Khadim N'Diaye, Kagawa, Okazaki will be some of the best players to watch in today's game from both sides. Last match's scorer Niang is expected to sparkle on today's three pm match too.

Here is today's possible line

Japan XI: Kawashima, Hiroki Sakai, Yoshida, Shoji, Nagatomo, Hasebe, Shibasaki, Haraguchi, Kagawa, Inui, and Osako.

Senegal XI: Khadim N'Diaye, Wague, Sane, Koulibaly, Sabaly, Sarr, Alfred N'Diaye, Gueye, Niang, Mane, and Diouf.

Players Wiki Predicts

After looking at the polls and pundit's opinion PW predicts Senegal to win the match with a 2-1 victory against the Samurai Blue.