Fight Island event to Debut on June 27- UFC President Dana White

Jack Ol
Thu Jun,2020
Fight Island event to Debut on June 27- UFC President Dana White MMA

UFC president Dana White recently made some light on the first event on what he calls Fight Island will be held on June 27. White has been attempting to set up the venue to have global battles in the midst of movement restrictions brought about by the COVID pandemic.

In an interview on Talk The Talk with Eddie Hearn and Tony Bellew, Dana revealed that he has the idea of doing the Fight Island event though it is logistical nightmare.

"Let me tell you about Fight Island. Fight Island is so f—ing expensive and so f—ing crazy and almost impossible to pull off. You are talking about planes flying people in and the restrictions and you have to quarantine people. It's f—ing insane to even be trying to do this but I promise you we will do it and we will pull it off."

He told Eddie Hearn and Tony Bellew on the "Talk The Talk" series on YouTube.

"I believe (that) in doing this it's going to help grow the sport immensely and financially. In many different ways, it is going to help build the sport. I know we can do it. Let me tell you how hard it is and how crazy the whole thing has been."

The UFC President also corrected the earlier mentioned date as initially said the first event on Fight Island would be held July 25.

"I made a mistake earlier when I told you about Fight Island. The first fight on Fight Island is probably around June 27, not July."