How much is Eduardo Rodriguez Net Worth ?: Know about His Contract, Red Sox, Stats & Dodgers Trade

Wed Aug,2023
How much is Eduardo Rodriguez Net Worth ?: Know about His Contract, Red Sox, Stats & Dodgers Trade Baseball

Eduardo Rodriguez is a skilled MLB pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. In January 2010, he inked a deal with the Baltimore Orioles as an international free agent. During his inaugural season, he took to the field with the Dominican Summer Orioles in the Rookie-level Dominican Summer League. 

Prior to his tenure with the Detroit Tigers, Rodriguez was associated with the Boston Red Sox. Eduardo has an estimated net worth of $23.5 Million and will receive a base salary of $14 Million for the year 2023. The athlete enjoys his luxurious lifestyle with his beautiful wife and Kids.

Eduardo Rodriguez Red Sox Net Worth 2023 - Salary

Eduardo Rodriguez has an estimated net worth of 23.5 Million and earns a gross base salary of $14 Million. the earnings of MLB players comprise salary, bonuses, incentives, and endorsements. The amount a baseball player earns hinges on variables like expertise, years in the field, achievements, and market desirability.

EduardoEduardo Rodriguez is from Venezuela.  SOURCE: Instagram- @eduardorjose

On average, an MLB player garners approximately $3 million annually, although elite players can command $25 million or beyond. Professional baseball contracts often span multiple years and ensure a predetermined sum throughout the contract's duration.

Legends like Mariano Rivera lead the pack with $169,441,825 in career earnings, followed by Francisco Rodriguez with $98,491,000Jonathan Papelbon earned $70,618,500, while Brad Lidge's earnings amounted to $75,295,000Craig Kimbrel rounds off the list with a remarkable $93,853,333 in career earnings.

Rodriguez, Former Red Sox Player Contract - Detroit Tigers Contract & History

Year  Team Base Salary
2022 Detroit Tigers $14,000,000
2023 Detroit Tigers $14,000,000
2024 Detroit Tigers $18,000,000
2025 Detroit Tigers $16,000,000
2026 Detroit Tigers  $15,000,000
Total Detroit Tigers  $77,000,000

Source- Spotrac

In 2022, Rodriguez committed to a 5-year deal worth $77 million with the Detroit Tigers. This agreement secures him an average yearly income of $15.4 million and guarantees the full $77 million. Currently, in his second contract year, he's slated to receive additional compensation based on performance.

EduardoEduardo Rodriguez takes a pitching stance.  SOURCE: Instagram- @eduardorjose

These incentives encompass scenarios like earning $1 million for achieving 180 innings pitched in 2022, 2023, and 2024. Another provision offers a potential $2 million bonus for reaching a total of 360 innings across 2022 and 2023. As of the culmination of the 2023 season, Rodriguez will have three years and $49 million remaining on this contract.

Eduardo's Career Earnings - Red Sox, Orioles, & Tigers

Year Team Earnings
2010 Baltimore Orioles $175,000
2015 Boston Red Sox $360,519
2016 Boston Red Sox $241,995
2017 Boston Red Sox $584,500
2018 Boston Red Sox $2,375,000
2019 Boston Red Sox $4,325,000
2020 Boston Red Sox $3,074,074
2021 Boston Red Sox $8,300,000
2022 Detroit Tigers $14,000,000
2023 Detroit Tigers $14,000,000
Total   $47,436,088

Source- Spotrac

Eduardo Rodriguez's professional journey has been marked by remarkable accomplishments and significant twists. He embarked on his path by joining the Baltimore Orioles as an international free agent in January 2010, initiating his career with the Dominican Summer Orioles of the Rookie-level Dominican Summer League that very season.

Eduardo Eduardo Rodriguez has played for three teams in MLB.  SOURCE: Instagram- @eduardorjose

In 2014, his trajectory took a turn as he was traded to the Boston Red Sox, where he achieved his major league debut in 2015. While his baseball tenure has encompassed two teams—the Boston Red Sox and the Detroit Tigers—his career stats, as of 2022, include a 69-44 win-loss record and a 4.15 earned run average.

Eduardo's talents have been commended through accolades like the 2014 Eastern League Pitcher of the Year and the Red Sox Pitcher of the Year in 2019. Rodriguez hasn't been without his share of trials. These include encounters with injuries and personal challenges that he has courageously navigated.

During the 2022 season, he even took a leave of absence for personal reasons, yet his return in the summer was marked by a strong comeback, showcasing his resilience. Beyond his individual journey, Rodriguez has embraced a mentorship role, particularly guiding younger pitchers on his team. 

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Eduardo Rodriguez Blocks Deal to Dodgers

Eduardo Rodriguez has decided to exercise his no-trade clause, effectively blocking a potential trade that would have seen him transferred to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Rodriguez ultimately vetoed the deal, making use of a stipulation embedded in his contract that grants him the authority to reject trades to a total of 10 teams each season.

The unexpected nature of Rodriguez's decision is magnified by his performance fluctuations throughout the season, alongside the Detroit Tigers' relatively modest prospects for clinching a playoff berth. This move accentuates the influence wielded by no-trade clauses in player contracts which empowers athletes to steer their own trajectories and stave off unwelcome relocations to different teams.

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Rodriguez MLB Stats & Age

Eduardo Rodriguez's entrance into the MLB took place on May 28, 2015, when he was just 22 years old, donning the uniform of the Boston Red Sox. Fast forward to the 2023 season, and Rodriguez now stands at the age of 30, gaining experience and wisdom as he continues his baseball journey.

Eduardo Eduardo Rodriguez blocks the Dodgers' deal.  SOURCE: Instagram- @eduardorjose

Over his career, he's amassed a record of 73 wins and 48 losses in 187 games played, maintaining an earned run average (ERA) of 4.02. His prowess on the mound is evident through his 1015.1 innings pitched, yielding 1031 strikeouts, and holding a Walks plus Hits per Innings Pitched (WHIP) at 1.29.

Beyond these numbers, Rodriguez has showcased his versatility on the field, having achieved 27 complete games, 23 shutouts, and a remarkable winning percentage of .722 in pitching. While his batting statistics reflect 26 at-bats with no hits, home runs, or runs batted in (RBIs).

In terms of physical attributes, Rodriguez stands tall at 6' 2" (188 cm) and weighs 231 lbs (104 kg), a physique that undoubtedly complements his skillset on the field. As he navigates his career, Rodriguez's journey is underscored by his growth from a young debutant to a seasoned player with a wealth of experiences and accomplishments to his name.