Colby Covington hires ‘Queens of Chaos’ to impress the six people who wandered into UFC Newark open workouts

August 2, 2019 by Jack Ol

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) hosted on Wednesday their traditional open pre-combat training, intended to boost the interest of the UFC on the ESPN 5 card. (3 Aug. 2019) in Newark, New Jersey, Prudential Center.

The six participants were certainly very, very impressed.

Probably because of the fact that Colby Covington outsourced his fan database into the local Tinder database, the so-called "Queens of Chaos" (tee tea), it is without a doubt a major step up from the region's typical "northeastern hags."

Hopefully, Covington has been on his plan as much as he has been on his plan for marketing. Opponent Robbie Lawler may no longer hold the belt, but he is also the murderer who takes your soul after five rounds of bloody violence. He is not the spring chicken.