Carlos Basham Jr. Net Worth 2023, Contract Breakdowns, Trade to Giants, Salary, Endorsement Deals, & Career Earnings

Fri Sep,2023
Carlos Basham Jr. Net Worth 2023, Contract Breakdowns, Trade to Giants, Salary, Endorsement Deals, & Career Earnings American Football

Carlos Basham Jr. is a standout defensive end who has left his mark in college football and the NFL making waves with the Buffalo Bills and now the New York Giants. He currently plays for the Giants. Basham Jr. showed his skills at Wake Forest University before getting drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the 2021 NFL Draft's second round. 

Known by the nickname "Boogie," he's explained its origins in interviews. Recently, he joined the New York Giants after a trade from the Buffalo Bills that marked his transition from college success to a key player in professional football.

Carlos Basham Jr. Net Worth 2023 & Base Salary

Carlos has played two seasons in the NFL with the Buffalo Bills. The player has earned a total of $3,026,547 as his total career earnings from his professional endeavors. Carlos Basham Jr. has an estimated net worth of more than $1.5 Million and is enjoying a luxurious life.

Basham-Cinematic-PoseCarlos is in a dramatic pose with a football in his hand.  SOURCE: Instagram- @b009

Basham is set to earn a total base salary of $1,171,358 this year from the New York Giants. Carlos may have endorsement deals with various brands and may be eligible for performance bonuses based on his on-field performance, such as sacks, tackles, and other statistical achievements. Among financially successful athletes, notable names include Isaiah, Joe Flacco with $85 million,  Ndamukong Suh at $80 millionMatt Ryan with assets worth $70 million, and Deshaun Watson with a net worth of $50 million.

Carlos Basham Jr. Contract Breakdowns

2021 24 Buffalo Bills $660,000  $362,717 
2022 25 Buffalo Bills $915,679  $362,717
2023 26 New York Giants $1,171,358  -
2024 27 New York Giants $1,352,037 -

Source- Spotrac

Carlos Basham Jr. inked a four-year rookie deal with the Buffalo Bills in May 2021. This contract is valued at $5,624,942, with an average yearly pay of about $1,406,236. His contract comes with a signing bonus of $1,450,868 and a fully guaranteed amount of $3,026,547. Notably, his entire contract is assured, and for the 2021 season, it's estimated to have a $1.022 million impact on the team's cap.

Carlos in a photoshoot in Buffalo Bills' outfit. Carlos wearing the Buffalo's jersey and helmet.  SOURCE: Instagram- @b009

Moving to August 2023, Basham's football journey led him to the New York Giants through a trade. He continues to play under his rookie contract. For the current season, 2023, his earnings amount to $1,171,358, which includes a signing bonus of $362,717.

Carlos Basham Jr. Trade to New York Giants (Trade Details)

The New York Giants traded with the Buffalo Bills to bring in player Boogie Basham. As part of the trade, the Bills also included a small extra reward – a future draft pick. In exchange, the Giants gave the Bills a different draft pick.

The Giants also welcomed back Wan'Dale Robinson a player who was hurt in the past. He now has a couple of weeks to practice and get ready for the upcoming games. Because the Giants added new players, they decided to let go of a few others. They said goodbye to Oshane Ximines, Cole Beasley, and Jamison Crowder

Boogie Basham used to play for the Bills, but now he's with the Giants due to the trade. He's skilled at stopping opponents and has made 4.5 successful tackles in his two years of playing. The Giants wanted him to strengthen their defense, especially when their main players were taking a break. 

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Carlos Basham Jr. Career Earnings

2021 Buffalo Bills $2,110,868
2022 Buffalo Bills $915,679
TOTAL CASH   $3,026,547

Carlos Basham Jr. has made $3.02 million in his time as an NFL player. This money comes from his initial contract, including his regular payments, a big first payment, and some money he'll get later. He hasn't gotten any extra rewards for his performance yet.

Carlos enjoying the outside breezeCarlos enjoying his free time.  SOURCE: Instagram- @b009

Carlos joined the Buffalo Bills after they chose him in the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft. His contract with them lasts for four years and is worth $5.7 million. When he started in 2021, he got $875,000 for his base salary and a big payment of $3.05 million right away. In the following year, 2022, his base salary became $1.05 million, and he got a $500,000 bonus for doing well.

For 2023, Carlos' base salary went up to $1.225 million, and he'll also receive more money, $1.3 million, at a later time. He also has the chance to earn another $500,000 bonus if he plays really well. In 2024, he'll earn a base salary of $1.4 million and receive another $1.3 million later. Throughout the four years, he could potentially get a total of $3 million in bonuses for playing great.

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Carlos Basham Jr. Endorsement Deals & Sponsorships

Boogie Basham has a few companies that support him right now:

  1. Nike: Nike sponsors Boogie Basham, and he wears their shoes and clothes when he plays football.
  2. Gatorade: Gatorade also sponsors him. He drinks their drinks to stay hydrated while playing.
  3. Panini: Panini sponsors him too. They even made special cards with his picture on them.
Carlos has sharp fashion sense Carlos roaming the streets in cool drip.  SOURCE: Instagram- @b009

Some other brands that could work with Boogie Basham are:

  • Sports Clothes Brands: Since Boogie is becoming popular in football, brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour might want him to wear their sports clothes.

  • Food and Drinks Brands: Boogie needs good food to play well. Brands like Gatorade, Powerade, and Clif Bar could ask him to promote their foods and drinks.

  • Clothing Brands: Boogie looks cool both on and off the field. Brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein could ask him to wear their clothes.

  • Car Brands: Boogie is young and has a bright future. Brands like Ford, Chevrolet, and Toyota might want him to show off their cars.