Josh Jacobs Net Worth 2023, Salary & Contract Breakdowns: How much does Jacobs get paid?

Mon Aug,2023
Josh Jacobs Net Worth 2023, Salary & Contract Breakdowns: How much does Jacobs get paid? American Football

Josh Jacobs is a running back for the Las Vegas Raiders in the NFL who started his football journey at the University of Alabama. Jacobs was selected by the Raiders in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Making a mark in the 2022 NFL season.

Jacob topped the charts with 1,653 rushing yards, earning him the inaugural Jim Brown Award at the NFL Honors ceremony. Jacobs is a young and prosperous athlete who's starting to make good money. He's predicted to keep earning millions in the future from his NFL pay, partnerships, investments, public events, and other projects.

Josh Jacobs Reveals His Net Worth & Base Salary

Josh has played four seasons in the NFL, earning a total of $12,081,775, Josh Jacobs has an estimated net worth of $6 Million. The athlete has only played for the Las Vegas Riders and earns $11,800,000 as his average salary.  Josh's wealth encompasses earnings from his NFL agreement, along with bonuses and lucrative endorsement agreements with notable firms such as KIA.

Josh enjoys his ride.Josh Jacobs relaxing inside a luxurious car  SOURCE: Instagram- @iam_joshjacobs

He has additionally appeared in advertising campaigns for KIA, contributing to his overall financial standing. 
Among financially successful athletes, notable names include Isaiah, Joe Flacco with $85 million,  Ndamukong Suh at $80 million, Matt Ryan with assets worth $70 million, and Deshaun Watson with a net worth of $50 million.

Josh Jacobs Los Vegas Riders Contract Breakdown

In 2019, Josh Jacobs joined the Oakland Raiders, now known as the Las Vegas Raiders through a contract lasting four years and worth $11,933,398. This deal featured a $6,698,836 signing bonus, ensuring $11,933,398 as a guaranteed sum. His yearly earnings averaged at $2,983,350. Over the contract's course, his annual pay grew: he earned $1,293,350 in 2019, $2,983,350 in 2020, $4,673,350 in 2021, and $6,363,350 in 2022.

Tattoo of Josh JacobJosh Jacobs shows his tattoo to his fans on Instagram  SOURCE: Instagram- @iam_joshjacobs

Fast forward to 2023, and Jacobs is currently under the franchise tag with the Raiders. This arrangement offers him $10,091,000 for the year. The franchise tag applied on March 8, 2023, grants the Raiders the first option to match any contract offer Jacobs might receive from another team. If Jacobs agrees to an offer from another team, the Raiders possess five days to decide whether to match the offer or release him. It's worth noting that Jacobs has the potential to enter free agency in 2024.

Josh Jacobs Career Earnings: How much Did he Make from NFL?

2019 Los Vegas Riders $7,193,836
2020 Los Vegas Riders $1,185,804
2021 Los Vegas Riders $1,579,854
2022 Los Vegas Riders $2,122,281
Total Cash   $12,081,775

Source- Spotrac

Josh Jacobs a standout at Alabama from 2016 to 2018, made waves in college football before joining the NFL ranks. The Oakland Raiders snagged him in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft, a move that quickly paid off. The young running back claimed the coveted title of NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2019, showcasing his undeniable talent from the get-go.

Property of Josh JacobJosh enjoying his huge luxurious house.  SOURCE: Instagram- @iam_joshjacobs

Jacobs maintained his momentum as a top-performing running back stepping onto the professional scene. Throughout his initial three seasons in the NFL, he consistently proved his worth, racking up impressive rushing yards exceeding 1,000 in each season. Not just limited to ground gains, he displayed prowess in the passing game as well, with 75 receptions netting 504 yards and two touchdowns over his career.

His impact doesn't stop there – Jacobs is hailed as one of the NFL's most dynamic running backs. With a blend of power and finesse, he's a force to be reckoned with on the field. He bulldozes through tackles and evades defenders with finesse, showing his versatility as a receiver out of the backfield. A linchpin of the Raiders' offense, Jacobs' pivotal role is set to extend for years to come, cementing his status as a cornerstone of the team's future endeavors.

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Josh Jacobs Endorsement Deal & Sponsorship

Josh Jacobs has secured an array of endorsement deals and sponsorships that underline his status as one of the NFL's most marketable players. Among his standout partnerships, he serves as a brand ambassador for Under Armour, boasting a signature line of cleats and apparel. Partnering with Panini America, a prominent trading card and collectibles company, Jacobs offers his own trading card set and autographed memorabilia.

Endorsement deal with body armor. Josh promoting body armor drink  SOURCE: Instagram- @iam_joshjacobs

Another prominent affiliation is with Beats by Dre, where he features as a brand ambassador for the audio giant. His presence has graced commercials showcasing their headphones and speakers. Additionally, Jacobs holds membership in the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) and has actively collaborated on initiatives like the Play Smart Play Safe campaign.

Wearing the Las Vegas Raiders jersey, Jacobs has leveraged his association with the team for endorsements from sponsors such as Allegiant Airlines and Kaiser Permanente. These affiliations, along with others, have significantly contributed to his estimated net worth.  His endorsement deals, including a reported $1 million annually from Under Armour, $500,000 from Panini, $250,000 from Beats by Dre, $100,000 from NFLPA, and $50,000 from the Raiders, solidify his financial stature.

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Josh Jacobs Las Vegas Raiders Stats & Performance

Since his selection by the Raiders in 2019, Josh Jacobs has shown his expertise as a productive running back. His career stats include 46 games played, 1,101 rushing attempts, and 3,466 rushing yards, averaging 3.15 yards per attempt. Notably, he's recorded 23 rushing touchdowns and displayed versatility with 75 receptions, amassing 504 receiving yards and two touchdowns.

Sunkissed Josh wearing fedora Josh enjoying his free time in the sun wearing a hat.  SOURCE: Instagram- @iam_joshjacobs

Jacobs stands out as a versatile force in the NFL, excelling in both running and receiving. His power and agility allow him to evade defenders and break tackles. Over his three seasons with the Raiders, he consistently crossed the 1,000-yard rushing mark: 1,150 yards and seven touchdowns in 2019, 1,065 yards and seven touchdowns in 2020 despite injury setbacks, and 1,047 yards and four touchdowns in 2021.

In 2022, he achieved his finest season yet, racking up 1,066 rushing yards and seven touchdowns while maintaining good health. As a young and dynamic player, Jacobs remains a pivotal asset in the Raiders' offensive lineup.