How Rich Is The Greg McElroy? Exploring Net Worth, Salaries, And Contracts

Sat Feb,2024
How Rich Is The Greg McElroy? Exploring Net Worth, Salaries, And Contracts American Football

Greg McElroy used to play football in college for the Alabama Crimson Tide and later became an NFL quarterback. After winning a national championship in 2010, he got drafted by the New York Jets in 2011 but only played in two professional games.

McElroy retired from football in 2014 and became a college football analyst for ESPN. If you're curious about how much money he made from his football and media careers, let's explore that. 

The Unexpected Career of Greg McElroy

Greg McElroy, born on May 10, 1988, used to play professional football in the National Football League (NFL) and is now a sports commentator. He joined the NFL when the New York Jets drafted him in the seventh round of the 2011 NFL Draft.

In his NFL career, he played in two games for the Jets in 2012, throwing for 214 yards, one touchdown, and one interception.

Greg-McElroyGreg McElroy is an American commentator and former football player. 

 After calling it quits from the NFL in 2014, McElroy shifted gears and became a college football analyst for ESPN. Additionally, he became a radio co-host on WJOX. In 2023, ESPN recognized his expertise and promoted him to a significant role in its college football coverage.

This move marked a new chapter in McElroy's career, transitioning from playing football to providing insights and commentary on the sport. Besides that, she is currently having a great time together with his family. 

Greg McElroy’s Remarkable Run as Alabama’s Quarterback

Greg McElroy's career took off when he became the starting quarterback for the University of Alabama. In his junior year, he guided the Crimson Tide to a perfect 14–0 season, securing both the 2009 SEC Championship and the BCS National Championship.

This stretch was a major milestone in his football journey, highlighting his skill and leadership on the playing field.

How Much is the Net Worth of Greg McElroy?

While the specific details of Greg McElroy's net worth haven't been publicly disclosed, we can make an estimate based on certain factors. Considering the average salary of an NFL quarterback, which is around $5.76 million, we can speculate that McElroy's net worth falls in the range of $6 million to $8 million. Throughout his NFL career, he signed multiple contracts amounting to a total of $830,152

Greg-McElroy Greg McElroy has a history as a quarterback in the National Football League (NFL).

After retiring from professional football in 2014, McElroy transitioned into a broadcasting role with ESPN. In his current position as a college football analyst, he reportedly earns an annual salary of $135,000. Combining his earnings from both his football and media careers contributes to his overall financial standing.

It's important to note that these figures are estimations, and the actual net worth may vary. The information provides a general overview of Greg McElroy's financial landscape, showcasing his earnings from his time as an NFL quarterback and his ongoing career in sports broadcasting.

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Take A Look At Greg's Current Salary

McElroy earned different salaries during his time in the NFL, depending on his role and how well he performed. In 2011, he signed a four-year contract with the New York Jets worth $2.105 million, including a $65,152 signing bonus. In his first year, he made $375,000, and in the second year, he earned $390,000.

The Jets released him in 2013, and he later signed a contract with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2014 for $495,000. However, he didn't play for the Bengals and retired from football in March 2014.

Now, as a college football analyst for ESPN, McElroy signed a long-term contract extension with the network in 2023. He's part of the primetime crew for the 2023 college football season, joining Sean McDonough and Molly McGrath.

In 2021, he reportedly earned $100,000 annually, but his salary may have gone up since then. These details give an overview of McElroy's earnings from his contracts in both the NFL and his broadcasting career with ESPN.

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How Greg McElroy Went From a Low-Paid NFL Backup to a High-Paid ESPN Star?

In the NFL, McElroy's contracts were typically short and not worth a lot, mainly because he was chosen in the late rounds of the draft and served as a backup quarterback. His first deal with the Jets lasted for four years, but he only played for two seasons.

The Bengals contract was just for one year, and he never got to play for them. None of his NFL contracts had guarantees, incentives, or bonuses, except for the signing bonus from the Jets.

Greg-McElroyGreg McElroy’s career soared as Alabama’s quarterback.

 On the other hand, as a broadcaster with ESPN, McElroy has a more stable and better-paying contract. He's been with the network since 2014 and has taken on different roles and shows, including the SEC Network, Thinking Out Loud, College Football Live, and currently Saturday Night Primetime.

Although the specifics of his contract aren't publicly known, it's likely a multi-year deal with a good salary and benefits. This shift from his NFL contracts to his broadcasting work highlights the more secure nature of his current employment.

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