Bailey Zappe Net Worth & Salary Revealed 2023, Waived by The New England Patriots, Contract Breakdowns, Endorsements, & Career Earnings

Sat Sep,2023
Bailey Zappe Net Worth & Salary Revealed 2023, Waived by The New England Patriots, Contract Breakdowns, Endorsements, & Career Earnings American Football

Bailey Zappe is an American football quarterback for the New England Patriots in the NFL. During his time at Western Kentucky, he made history by setting records for passing yards and touchdowns in a college football season. 

While Bailey has earned praise for some standout games, he has also faced criticism due to his occasional inconsistency and relatively limited experience. Zappe has openly discussed his performances and the Patriots' offensive strategies in interactions with the media through press conferences.

Bailey Zappe Net Worth 2023 & Base Salary Revealed

Bailey has played a season with the New England Patriots and has earned a total of $2,610,000. Bailey Zappe has an estimated net worth of more than $1.3 Million and earns an annual average salary of $1,076,768.  Bailey Zappe receives a salary from his team. The size of his salary is influenced by factors like his experience, position, performance, and contract discussions.

Zappe was waivedBailey has been waived by the Patriots.  SOURCE: Instagram- @b_zappe

Zappe might also have sponsorship deals with companies that offer financial backing in exchange for his connection to their brand. Among financially successful athletes, notable names include Isaiah, Joe Flacco with $85 million,  Ndamukong Suh at $80 millionMatt Ryan with assets worth $70 million, and Deshaun Watson with a net worth of $50 million.

Why was Bailey Waived by The Patriots?

In a surprising move, the New England Patriots released quarterback Bailey Zappe on August 30, 2023. This decision was unexpected, especially because Zappe was considered a contender for the backup quarterback position supporting Mac Jones.

There could be a couple of reasons behind the Patriots' choice to release Zappa. They might be confident in the progress of their other young quarterbacks, like Jake Dolegala and Christopher O'Leary. Alternatively, they could be looking to bring in an experienced quarterback to their team.

Despite the setback, Zappe, at 24 years old, remains a skilled quarterback with a bright future. In his solid rookie season in 2022, he completed 65 of 92 passes for 781 yards and secured five touchdowns, along with three interceptions. He's likely to be picked up by another team through waivers and could still have a successful journey in the NFL.

Bailey Zappe New England Patriots Contract Breakdown

2023 $705,000 $1.2 million
2024  $870,000 -
2025 $1.035 million -

Bailey Zappe's contract with the New England Patriots covers three years and can be worth up to $4.4 million. A significant portion of this, $2.2 million is guaranteed to him. His base salary is set at $705,000 for the year 2023, $870,000 for 2024, and $1.035 million for 2025. Additionally, he was given a signing bonus of $1.2 million when he joined the team.

Parents of ZappeBailey with his parents in the Football field.  SOURCE: Instagram- @b_zappe

The contract also includes the potential for extra earnings through various incentives. These incentives are tied to specific achievements, such as playing time and performance milestones. For instance, he could earn $100,000 for getting expertise on the field for 50% of the snaps, and the amount increases with more playing time.

There are also rewards for reaching certain levels of passing yards and passing touchdowns, with higher numbers leading to higher bonuses. Furthermore, if Zappe is selected for the Pro Bowl or becomes the Super Bowl MVP he stands to earn even more money.

Bailey Zappe Career Earnings: NFL Earnings

2022 New England Patriots $1,905,000
2023 New England Patriots  $705,000
TOTAL EARNINGS   $2,610,000

Bailey Zappe's journey in his career is a result of his determination and hard work. Despite not being highly recruited after high school, he took the path of a walk-on at Western Kentucky University. Over time, he earned a scholarship and secured the starting quarterback position in 2021.

Bailey kisses his fiancee on her cheeksZapple kisses his fiancee  SOURCE: Instagram- @b_zappe

Zappe's standout year arrived in 2021 when he achieved remarkable feats, throwing for an astounding 5,967 yards and 62 touchdowns. His outstanding performance earned him the titles of Conference USA Offensive Player of the Year and the Walter Payton Award, an accolade bestowed upon the finest offensive player in the FCS.

In the 2022 NFL Draft, Zappe's talents did not go unnoticed, as he was selected by the New England Patriots in the fourth round. His role in the team is projected to involve competition for the backup quarterback position, supporting Mac Jones.

Bailey Zappe's story emphasizes that dedication and hard work can surmount any challenges thrown in one's path. He graduated from high school in Victoria, Texas, in 2017. Then, in 2018, he embarked on his journey at Western Kentucky University as a walk-on.

 Bailey took a year off in 2020 and came back stronger in 2021, securing his position as the starting quarterback and setting records. This journey culminated in his draft by the New England Patriots in the fourth round of the NFL Draft in 2022.

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Bailey Zappe Endorsements Deals & Sponsorships

Currently, Bailey Zappe hasn't secured any public endorsement contracts or sponsorships. Being a relatively fresh face in the NFL, he hasn't reached the level of recognition as more established players. Nonetheless, as he progresses and possibly becomes a consistent NFL starter, he could draw the attention of potential endorsers.

Zappe hangs out with his fiancee Zappe and his fiancee hang out at night.  SOURCE: Instagram- @b_zappe

Several potential brand partnerships could be on the horizon for Zappe. For instance, renowned sportswear giants like Nike and Under Armour, which sponsor numerous NFL players, could collaborate with them to promote their footwear and clothing.

Collaborating with the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) might also be an option, enabling Zappe to advocate for player safety and other important player-related matters. Additionally, aligning with Fanatics, a major sports merchandise retailer, could enable him to develop and market his personalized line of apparel and merchandise.

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Bailey Zappe Collegiate & NFL Stats

During his college years, Bailey Zappe showed his skills on the football field. At Houston Baptist in 2018, he didn't play, but he gained momentum in the following years. In 2019, he played 9 games, starting in all, throwing 18 touchdowns and covering 2,603 passing yards.

In 2020, Bailey played 10 games as the starter, throwing 25 touchdowns and gaining 3,006 passing yards. His performance continued to shine in 2021 at Western Kentucky, where he started in all 13 games, throwing an impressive 62 touchdowns and covering 5,967 passing yards. Transitioning to the NFL in 2022 with the New England Patriots, he played 4 games, with 5 touchdowns and 781 passing yards.

Bailey Zappe threw for a total of 14,606 yards and completed 151 touchdown passes across 40 games when you look at his entire college journey. He also rushed for 137 yards and scored 4 touchdowns on the ground. As a quarterback, he is recognized for his strong throwing arm and accurate passes.