Brock Lesnar seems shrinking his Weight in for his UFC Return, Losing Title To Roman Reigns Further Ascertains His Return

Tue Aug,2018
Brock Lesnar seems shrinking his Weight in for his UFC Return, Losing Title To Roman Reigns Further Ascertains His Return MMA

Brock Lesnar is nicked named as the beast and the name wasn't given to him only for his powerful performance but literally,  Lesnar's body built and size makes him no less than a beast. The fighter's body is a living specimen of a solid massive and in shape body which makes most of the wrestlers look like babies in front of him.


Lately, Brock Lesnar's shrunken body was talked more than his title loss to Roman Reigns which points strongly towards his return to the Octagon. Brock on Jul 8, 2018, attended a UFC event at UFC 226 at the T-Mobile Arena where Daniel Cormier called out Brock after DC won Stipe Miocic via a TKO. On hearing his name Brock quickly walked into the ring and pushed Cormier and the fight was on. 

Now that the fight is expected to happen in the first quarter of 2019, Brock seems to be working on his body and is already looking to get into shape. Lesnar was expected to fight DC in 2018, but the USADA is seriously objecting his return in 2018 hence he went on with his ongoing WWE contract. The fat cheque fight with the current two-division champion would be a huge draw so UFC is still looking to make it happen in 2018 as per sources.

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CAPTION: Brock Lesnar In Wrestlemania

 USADA test is a serious issue and Brock seems to be complying well with the rules put forward to him hence its expected to be a clean fight.

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So, what's Brock's plan coming into the DC fight? Nothing seems sure but Brock seems shrinking his weight in for the upcoming event. Lesnar's WWE Summer-Slam images are much different than Wrestlemania 2018's pictures.

CAPTION: Brock Lesnar in Summer Slam

He was seen notably thinner than the last time when he was fighting the WWE superstar Roman  Reigns. Even his chest tattoo was seen shrunken which shows that he has substantially started cutting his weight or may have even started MMA training for his fight with DC. As we know that the beast is cutting some extra weight to make 265 lbs or so, we are certain that he will make his Octagon return this year or in the first quarter of 2018.