Age 34, NFL Player Aaron Rodgers Net Worth and Earning From His Professional Career

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Sun May,2018
Age 34, NFL Player Aaron Rodgers Net Worth and Earning From His Professional Career American Football

Aaron Rodgers, famed for his numerous career passing records, achievements, and awards, currently plays for the Green Bay Packers in the NFL. 34-year-old Rodgers, the Super Bowl XLV MVP, unlike his failed relationship with his actress girlfriend Olivia Munn, has recorded career success height success making millions dollars fortune.

With his 13 NFL seasons, Rodger is reported to have earned the total of $137 million and is estimated to be blessed with the massive net worth of $30 million accompanied by his endorsement deals. So, how much salary does he earns?   Without a delay, let's know all about Aaron Rodger's net worth, salary, contracts, and earnings from his professional career.

Net Worth and Salary of Aaron Rodgers

The jersey number 12 quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodger has played for the only team since his professional career debut in 2005. Currently playing alongside the players like Muhammad Wilkerson and Mason Crosby, Aaron's earnings is also blessed with his endorsement deals.

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Aaron Rodgers is reported to be enjoying the estimated net worth of $30 million as of 2018, with his drastic increase in his net worth of 2012 which was $12 million.


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With his 5-year contract worth $110 million signed with the Packers on April 26, 2013, Aaron Rodger is reported to earn the annual salary of $19.8 million in the 2018 season.

Well, his massive salary puts him on the top list of the Packers' highest-paid player above Clay Matthews and Randall Cobb earning $10.4 million and $8.6 million annually.

However, Rodgers lags behind the NFL's highest paid player's like Lion's Matthew Stafford, Raider's Derek Carr and Colt's Andrew Luck who earn $27 million, $25 million and $20.49 million annually.

But his increasing worth these past years has indicated the possibility of his contract value inclination if he signs a new contract. Okay, let's leave it to future to reveal and know more about his contracts.

Career Contract and Salary of Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers, initially, the college footballer for the California Golden Bears, was selected by the Green Bay Packers in the 2005 NFL Draft on April 23. 2005. And playing for the Packers to date, Rodgers has signed 3-contract extensions with the team.

After his NFL draft, Aaron, on August 4, 2005, signed a 5-year contract with the team valued at $7.7 million. The deal included the guaranteed amount of $5.4 million with a signing bonus of $1.5 million.

CAPTION: Green Bay Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers SOURCE: USA Today

Then after backing up Brett Favre till 2008 in NFL, Rodgers became the Packers' starting quarterback and on October 31. 2008, he signed a $63.53 million contract-extension for 6 years through the 2014 season. 

Well, Aaron Rodgers who earned the annual salary of $6 million in 2010, led the team's victory over the Super Bowl XLV and was named Super Bowl XLV MVP, that year.

And on April 26, 2013, Aaron signed his career-high contract worth $110 million for 5 years due until the end of 2019 season. The deal with $33,250,000 Signing bonus and $54,000,000 guaranteed amount projected him to earn an average annual salary of $22,000,000.

Wanna look at Rodgers' Salary? Here it is.

Year Salary Bonus
2005 $230,000   $1,500,000 (Signing Bonus), $620,000 (Roster Bonus)
2006 $350,000 $3,010,000 (Option Bonus)
2007 $505,000 -
2008 $12,900,000 -
2009 $680,000 $7,420,000 (Roster Bonus), $500,000 (Workout Bonus)
2010 $6,000,000 $500,000 (Workout Bonus)
2011 $7,250,000 $500,000 (Workout Bonus)
2012 $8,000,000 $500,000 (Workout Bonus)
2013 $4,500,000 $33,250,000 (Signing Bonus), $500,000 (Workout Bonus)
2014 $900,000 $9,500,000 (Roster Bonus), $500,000 (Workout Bonus) 
2015 $1,000,000 $10,100,000 (Roster Bonus), $500,000 (Workout Bonus)
2016 $11,500,000 $600,000 (Roster Bonus), $500,000 (Workout Bonus)
2017 $12,550,000 $262,500 (Roster Bonus), $500,000 (Workout Bonus)

His career stats stands out at an averages 65.1 completion percentage, 38,502 passing yards, 313 Passing touch downs, 78 Interceptions thrown and 103.8 passer rating.

And talking about his new contract, meanwhile, no news of Aaron's contract extension is out yet. Let's wait for the day.

Endorsement of Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers' being showered millions with his salary, seems to have got a good additional economic blessing with his endorsement deals. As reported, Rodgers is endorsed by the brands like Associated Banc-Corp, Ford Motor, State Farm and Adidas

Initially, endorsing the sportswear Nike, Aaron moved on to Adidas back in September 2015. 

As reported, with his endorsements, Aaron Rodgers pockets $7.5 million a year and dropped 40 spots to No. 95 overall with total earnings of $19.1 million, including the endorsement's earnings.

House and Cars of Aaron Rodgers

Besides being successful in playing career, Aaron seems to be successful in the property empire extension as well. As reported, Aaron Rodgers currently lives in his house in Del Mar, California, though, the worth or purchase detail of the house is not disclosed.

CAPTION: Aaron Rodgers'house in Del Mar, California SOURCE: Virtual Globetrotting

 Also, Rodgers owns a house in Suamico, Wisconsin. The 4,000 sq. ft. property in Green Bay area was listed on the sales list on March 20, 2017, for an asking price of $424,900 as per Busted Coverage.

However, after the news of the sales went viral, he pulled off the sale of the property.

Really, sometimes viral issues change a man's psychology.

And talking about cars, Rodgers seems to be desperately in love with luxury cars. His car collection includes Mustang, Ford Truck, Tesla, Chevrolet Camaro and $8 million dollar car, Mercedes-Benz Maybach Exelero.

Let's take a look at his car collection.

Cars are love!

Well, not only with his car, Rodgers is also in a lovely relationship with race-car driver Danica Patrick whom he is dating since 2018.

Aaron Rodger's Philanthropy

The NFL freak really comes to be a contradiction in off-field life. Just opposite of his fierce performance in the field, Rodger seems to be an honest and generous person actively working in charitable works.

Rodgers, the supporter of the MACC Fund, Raise Hope for Congo and other humanitarian charitable organizations is also the co-creator and founder of itsAaron with David Gruber, aiming to create awareness for organizations and people who are changing the world.

CAPTION: Aaron Rodgers donating $50,000 to MACC Fund SOURCE: USA Today

Also, he raised $50,000 for the MACC Fund as the winning contestant on an episode of Celebrity Jeopardy broadcasted on May 12, 2015, followed by his donations and his recent 2018's mission on a hearing aid in Africa accompanied by his girlfriend Danica.

Applause to Aaron Rodgers!

Stay tuned for more updates.