Who is Shawn Johnson Married To? All About Her Husband, Daughter, Married Life and Net Worth

Mon Jun,2023
Who is Shawn Johnson Married To? All About Her Husband, Daughter, Married Life and Net Worth Gymnast

Shawn Johnson is a former American artistic gymnast who achieved remarkable success in her career. At the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China, she won a gold medal in the balance beam event and secured silver medals in both the all-around and floor exercise categories.

Shawn Johnson also demonstrated her literary abilities, authoring two memoirs and a novel targeting young adults. Shawn Johnson is married to former NFL player Andrew East, and together they have two children with an estimated net worth of $9 million.

Shawn Johnson's Husband, Andrew East: When did Shawn meet Andrew?

Shawn Johnson's path crossed with Andrew East's through a connection with his brother, Guy East. It was during Shawn's time in London in 2012 when she first met Guy, and subsequently, Andrew. However, their romantic journey did not commence immediately.

ShawnShawn Johnson and her Husband Andrew East.  SOURCE: Instagram- @shawnjohnson

It was not until later that Andrew traveled to Los Angeles to meet Shawn, who was actively participating in the popular show Dancing with the Stars. They embarked on their inaugural date, but afterward, they went their separate ways, with no contact for a duration of nine months.

Fate intervened when Shawn agreed to make the journey to Nashville to visit Andrew. What was initially intended as a brief trip swiftly transformed into a four-day rendezvous, during which Andrew's feelings for Shawn deepened significantly. In July 2015, Andrew seized a perfect moment at Wrigley Field during a Chicago Cubs game and proposed to Shawn.

Shawn Johnson and Andrew East Married Life

Shawn Johnson and Andrew East celebrated their union on April 16, 2016, in a charming and intimate ceremony held at a private farm in Tennessee. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, the couple exchanged their vows in a heartfelt outdoor ceremony. Shawn is a former gymnast like Nile WilsonEmma Malabuyo, and Kayla DiCello.

ShawnShawn Johnson with her family.  SOURCE: Instagram- @shawnjohnson

The wedding party consisted of nine bridesmaids and groomsmen, and Shawn's unique band was a personal touch, custom-designed and crafted from white gold. To make the day even more special, Andrew surprised Shawn with a heartfelt performance of a song he had written especially for her.

Their wedding embodied a rustic and romantic ambiance, with carefully chosen details that held sentimental value. The couple put their personal touch on the event, ensuring it was a reflection of their love and personalities. The couple frequently shares glimpses of their family life on social media, capturing precious moments and showcasing their strong and loving relationship.

Shawn Johnson Daughter and Son: Know the details about Shawn and Andrew's Children

Shawn Johnson and Andrew East's family has been blessed with two beautiful children. Their eldest, a daughter named Drew Hazel East, was born on October 29, 2019. The couple joyfully welcomed their son, Jett James East into the world on July 19, 2021, and shared the news of his birth through their family's company, Teddy & Berry, on their Instagram page.

Shawn Shawn shares a photo of his son. SOURCE: Instagram- @shawnjohnson

Shawn and Andrew take pride in being actively involved and loving parents, evident from their frequent sharing of pictures and videos of their children on social media. It is clear that they cherish the time spent with Drew and Jett, creating precious memories as a family.  

Shawn has been open about her experience with postpartum depression following the birth of her daughter, Drew. She has courageously shared her struggles, aiming to raise awareness and offer support to other women who may be going through similar challenges. By sharing her story, Shawn hopes to inspire and provide comfort to those facing similar emotional hurdles.

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Shawn Johnson's Net Worth: Also know About her Husband's Net Worth

Shawn Johnson has amassed an estimated fortune of $9 million, while her husband Andrew East is believed to have a net worth of $5 million, although alternative sources suggest it could be around $6 million. Johnson's net worth is a testament to her dedication, gymnastics prowess, and ability to attract a wide range of sponsors.

ShawnShawn Johnson has an estimated net worth of $9 Million.  SOURCE: Instagram- @shawnjohnson

One significant boost to Johnson's wealth came from her victory in Season 8 of Dancing with the Stars in 2009, which granted her a cash prize of roughly $300,000. Additionally, she has capitalized on her charm and talent by securing lucrative sponsorship deals, further augmenting her financial standing.

Moreover, in 2019, Johnson and Andrew East exemplified their philanthropic spirit by raising almost $11,000 for Extra Life, a charitable organization supporting Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. These endeavors have not only contributed to their net worth but have also demonstrated their dedication to giving back and making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Shawn Johnson Endorsement

Shawn Johnson has formed lucrative endorsement agreements with numerous well-known companies over the course of her career. These partnerships have involved renowned brands like Hy-Vee, McDonald's, Secret, Crest, Circuit City, InterContinental Hotels Group, Nestle, and Bounty.

ShawnShawn Johnson retired from Gymanstic after Knee Complic  SOURCE: Instagram- @shawnjohnson

Even as a mother of two, Johnson maintains collaborations with various baby brands and other companies. Utilizing her influence and widespread appeal, she shares sponsored content on her social media channels, effectively endorsing and promoting these brands to her dedicated followers.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Shawn Johnson

Why did Shawn Johnson Quit?

Shawn Johnson retired from the Olympic team due to recurring problems with her left knee.

What is Shawn Johnson's husband famous for?

Shawn's husband, Andrew East is famous, cause Shawn is a former American Football Player, who played for Washington Redskins.

How much is Olympian Shawn Johnson worth?

As per Celebrity Networth, Olympian Shawn Johnson has an estimated net worth of $9 Million.

What age did Shawn Johnson Retire?

Shawn Johnson retired at the age of 20.

Is Shawn Johnson an Olympic Gold medalist?

Johnson achieved remarkable success at the 2008 Olympics, earning a total of four medals (gold in balance beam, silver in team, all-around, and floor exercise).