UFC Special: All about Conor McGregor Vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. Know the total predictions Texture and

Jack Ol
Wed Aug,2017
UFC Special: All about Conor McGregor Vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. Know the total predictions Texture and MMA

After two players started talking about the possible Style clash between UFC and Boxing we at first thought it was just a stunt performed by both Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather to stay in the limelight. But the things started getting real as the player started trash talking to each other which gathered a lot of heat.

Slowly the involvement of UFC’s CEO Dana White and Floyd’s management team in the discussion made it all happen. Fans could not believe what they were witnessing, series of talks with tabloids again hyped the match and now it is surely going to be as hyped as any super bowl event.

It’s one of the most expensive fights in the history of two-man fighting

From the day when Dana picked on Mayweather in an interview with TMZ to the recent development of the most anticipated fight, fans were disappointed a number of times. As Both McGregor and Mayweather’s side kept denying the possibility of the fight.





Even Dana White himself denied the possible fight time and again and fans anticipated the game will never happen all the trash talking from both sides were nothing but a rumor. Well, the rumors did come true and now the fight is on.





Well according to Dana White, It is one of the most expensive fights in the history of two men fighting. He further explains the result inside the ring cannot be determined by any men because when two men go toe to toe anything is possible.

The big money fight came along with big controversies

Well, at first let’s talk about the former boxer and now boxing promoter Oscar De La Hoya who personally wrote the letter to the boxing commission requesting not to allow the permission for the fight, he personally said that it is the biggest disrespect to the boxing world.

Along with that, many other Boxers are talking that McGregor is no match for Floyd but the recent comment from Iron Mike Tyson is considered as one of the most hateful comments. He clearly stated whenever two people fight people are going to pay but the boxing match between McGregor Vs Mayweather will never be as interesting as expected. He said without his MMA skills he will look like an idiot fighting 49-0 down Mayweather.



Whatever be the speculations; the whole world awaits this big event and all boxing fans along with MMA fans are curious about the match. As far as MMA world is concerned they are continuously saying that Boxing is an old sport they don’t know what MMA fighters can do, Conor has punching chances and Mayweather has never fought anyone like Conor who doesn’t care who he is fighting against.

Mayweather officially out of Retirement for the match

On March 12, 2017, Floyd in the process of All UK tour said he has had enough and called out Conor McGregor. He officially called off the retirement in a press conference and called Conor to Fight him in June but the fight was postponed after frequent talks between two parties as McGregor was about to be a father. The fight is now intended to happen on 26th of August inside T-Mobile Arena Los Vegas.

McGregor is applying for the Boxing License

Complication still remains, as Mayweather who has officially remained out of the ring for about 20 months has to renew his license and at the same time, Conor has to pass the tests to acquire Arizona's boxing license.

Mayweather Vs McGregor: Where, When and Why?

So let's set things straight, the fight is on and it will be featured in one of the most prestigious arenas in the world the T-Mobile Arina Los Vegas. As per when, the possible date when UFC collides with Boxing on 26th of August 2017. Why? Because Fans want it.

Let’s talk about the technicalities of the fight

First thing, the fight will be in a light welterweight division as Conor weighs 154 pounds and again this will not be a problem for Floyd as he also has been a welterweight champion. They will wear 10-ounce gloves, this is an advantage to Floyd as McGregor in MMA wears thin and more impactful gloves so we don’t know if his strong left hand will make any differences in the game.

The Fight will be 15 rounds boxing match which again plays in favor of Mayweather but Conor’s strange unorthodox style and aggression, height and reach remains his strength over Mayweather. He is tall and exceptionally fast for how tall he is. Over the top,

McGregor who is considered as an underdog in this fight was actually a National Boxing champion in Ireland in his teens. On the other hand, Mayweather always had problems dealing with Southpaws which makes the fight more interesting.McGregor Vs Mayweather

McGregor Vs Mayweather

One thing that we can’t miss is the fact “If Money Mayweather Wins the fight, he will win 50 consecutive fights and if McGregor wins the fight, he will undoubtedly be the biggest fighter on the planet.

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