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Facts of Tim Tebows

Full Name
Tim Tebow
Last Name
Birth Name
Tim Tebow
First Name
Famous Name
Married to
Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters
Relationship Status
No. of Twitter Followers
4.5 million
No. of Instagram Followers
2.8 million


Career & Net worth

4 Milion Dollars
Gatorade, Adidas, Bose, Topps, and Blockfolio
Net Worth
70 Million Dollars
American football player
House Price
12 Million Dollars
Weekly wage
Currently Club
Jacksonville Jaguars
House Location
LA, California
Career Earnings
30 Million Dollars
Property Status
Endorsment brands
Gatorade, Adidas, Bose, Topps, and Blockfolio
Started career as


Married to
Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters
Relationship Status

Out of many NFL players, Tim Tebow is also one of them. Tebow is a professional NFL player who helped his team Florida Gator win two Bowl Championship Series (BCS) and other personal honors. The quarterback is a man of many skills and is considered one of the wealthiest athletes in the industry.

Find out more about the quarterback below with facts you might not have previously known. 

Childhood and Upbringing

Although American, Tim Tebows was born in the Philippines on August 14, 1897. Tim was the youngest of five children raised in Makati City till the age of three. The quarterback's parents worked as Baptist missionaries in the Philippines. The family then moved to Florida, USA. 

Since Tim's parents, Pamela and Robert, were highly religious, he grew up with many Christian values. Although Tim had dyslexia, this did not phase him in the slightest. Tebow began his high school football carer for Trinity Christian Academy in Jackson Ville. 

Tim never attended high school, and his mother homeschooled him. But he could still play for the local high school in the school district where he lived. This is why he could pursue his football career. 

Tebow's Height, Age, and Other Personal Details

Tim Tebow is 35 years old. NFL players are mostly strongly built to tackle their opponents. Tim is no different. He has a very handsome face that pairs well with his beard. The quarterback also stands at a lofty 6 feet 3 inches and weighs 116 kg (225 pounds).


TimTebow with the ball SOURCE: New York Post

The star player is known to love Christmas and firmly believes in Christianity. Religion aside, Tebow was also featured as a Marvel Superhero by Marvel Comics. He is also included in the Dictionary, and his victory move was officially recognized as a word named 'Tebowing.' 

A Very Wealthy Player

Tebow is considered one of the wealthiest athletes. With an estimated networth of 71 million dollars, the American football player is rich. His wealth, however, is not entirely from his football career. The millionaire athlete is also an author, businessman, and media icon. 

Tim currently works for ESPN with a salary of four million dollars per annum. This is indeed a considerable sum. He is expected to work with ESPN for a long time with increased pay. Tebow also earns a lot as an author. His royalties from the books he wrote amount to millions yearly. 

Assets Owned

It is without a doubt that a millionaire like Tim spends money on luxury goods. The quarterback has bought a Buggati Veyron for 2 million dollars. The second most expensive car in his garage is a Bentley Bentayga for 800 million dollars. He also owns a Volvo XC60, Porche Panamera, Jaguar XF, and a McLaren GT. 

The BCS champion lives in his 7,500 sq ft luxury house in LA, California. This luxury house is believed to be worth 12 million dollars. Tim is indeed living his life comfortably. 

Parents and Family and Love Life

Tim's parents met back in the late 1960s during their youth years. They attended the same university, the University of Florida, studying in different grades. The quarterback's father was Robert Ramsey II, a sophomore, and his mother, Pamela Elaine, a freshman. 

After falling in love, the couple married on June 12, 1971, before Pamela could graduate. Later, Pamela and Robert moved to the Philippines, where they served as Baptist missionaries. 

Pamela later contracted amoebic dysentery and fell into a coma. The doctors then found out that she was pregnant. The doctors expected a stillbirth due to the medication. Although the laws were against abortion, the doctors recommended it. The couple was strictly against it, and Tim was born. The family of seven (five children) then moved to Jacksonville, Florida.

Tim Tim Tebow and his wife Demi  SOURCE: Forbes

The NFL professional married Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters in January 2020. Demi Peters won the Miss Universe pageant in Cape Town, South Africa. There isn't any news of a child yet. Yet. 

Career Highlights


Although Tebow was homeschooled, he was allowed to play in the local high school football team. Tebow joined a football program at Allen.D Nease High School and took a role of a quarterback. Although the football program failed a bit, it didn't stop him from joining it. 

The year was rough for Tim as he suffered a fibula injury, and a controversy regarding his playing for a high school he wasn't attending arose. The quarterback was talented and hardworking enough to be named Florida's Player of The Year.

During the footballer's final year of high school, the player of the year led his team 'Nease Panthers' to a state title championship and All-state honors. Tim was nicknamed 'Mr. For his football skills and toughness, Florida ranked in the top 70s of best high school football players. 

 College Football

After Tebow's high school, he received an athletic scholarship to attend the University of Florida. The quarterback would shine the following year, contributing to helping his team Gators win the BCS championship. 

TimTim Tebow on the field SOURCE: Gators Wire

During college, Tebow was honored with the Heisman Trophy (best all-rounder player) and Davey O'Brien Award (outstanding quarterback). The quarterback set numerous records for himself during the 2007 season that would go down in history.

2008 would also be another excellent season for the BCS champion. Tebow (BCS National Championship) would win a second back-to-back title. 

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The Professional Scene

Tebow was named the strongest person to play the quarterback role by an NFL coach. The quarterback had a fantastic start to his career, gaining fame with each game. Initially a backup for Denver Broncos, the star replaced Orton and led the team to a streak of wins. Tebow led the team to six out of eight wins but ultimately lost. 

The BCS champion was traded to the New York Jets in 2012. The trade brought a lot of media attention and critics. The exchange was not good for the player, as, by the end of 2012, Tebow had participated in only 72 offensive snaps. 

New England Patriots signed Tebows in June 2013 because he was an up-and-coming player. However, the player had to be released only after 12 weeks with the team. Although this was a blow, it didn't stop the quarterback from abandoning training and trying to return. 

After a few tries and errors, the champ retired from NFL in 2015. 

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What Now?

Tebow announced that he wanted to become a professional baseball player in 2016. This was surprising news, but he proved good enough to try for a minor-league contract. 

After a few years and injuries in the scene of professional baseball, the former NFL star finally announced his retirement from baseball in February 2021. 

Some other facts about Tim Tebow

Tebow is a stout follower of Christianity and believes in charity. His beliefs led him to establish the Tim Tebow foundation back in 2010. This foundation helps children in need in the USA and the Philippines by building infrastructure and treating diseases. This shows that Tim has a really good heart.

His cultural beliefs have also made his Denver Broncos teammates and team management describes him as 'self-centered' and a hypocrite.

TimTim Tebow doing the Tebowing SOURCE: Wall Street Journal

The champ is responsible for starting a trend of Tebowing. Tebowing means getting down on a knee to begin praying despite whatever others may be doing. This became so popular that it was even included in the English Dictionary.  

 Tim Tebow also had a documentary released about him in 2011. 

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Awards and honors

  • Heisman Trophy Winner
  • Sporting News Player of The Year
  • National Offensive Player of the Year
  • Senior CLASS award
  • Best Male College Athlete
  • Scholar-Athlete of the Year



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