Liverpool nightclub doorman challenges Conor McGregor to fight

Jack Ol
Mon Sep,2018
Liverpool nightclub doorman challenges Conor McGregor to fight MMA

Well, it seems like everybody wants a bout with Conor McGregor. While the several UFC stars are waiting their turn to fight the Notorious, a nightclub doorman has recently challenged him.


A former fighter and nightclub doorman in Liverpool, David Faulkner has called out the former two-division champion mentioning that he has been disillusioned by increasing 'toxic' culture surrounding mixed martial arts.

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Originally from Kirkby, Faulkner who trained in the US has been working as a doorman in Liverpool City Centre for the last two decades. He also took part in a cage fight about a decade ago and even fought for the UFC brand in America.

The 39-year-old veteran made comments following the hearing from the New York court after he was arrested for vandalizing a bus parked up at a UFC event.

"I remember one night I was working on a door in town the weekend that Conor McGregor was in Liverpool. I said to my colleague that if that McGregor walked past and would go up to him and ask him for a fight. There and then. And I meant it. I think I would have just chinned him."

David Faulkner said.

Conor avoided the imprisonment charges and instead had to perform five days of community service.

"At the time I was just so frustrated with him. I saw the stuff surrounding his trip to Liverpool and the way he conducted himself. What McGregor does not understand is that kids in gyms all over the world look up to him."

"I train kids in Liverpool gyms and they all worship McGregor. And so when he walks into nightclubs with a big entourage, young people think it's cool to be like that."

He added.

David also runs a KC Fight Base in Kirkby. He believes MMA events in Liverpool have also been influenced by McGregor type of lifestyle and most of the fighters have adopted the same thing.

CAPTION: David Faulkner challenged Conor McGregor for a Fight SOURCE: ECHO

"The bling-bling lifestyle with him standing on top of expensive cars just sends the wrong message."

"There are other fighters too who like to come across as thugs all the time, talking about smoking weed and training while stoned. It's wrong."

"I have seen a few things in gyms around Liverpool that I have upset me. I have seen kids answering back and other negatives. It's all wrong.

"I decided to put on an event in Liverpool that is an attempt to embrace the more traditional roots of mixed martial arts which go back to the western shores of Japan. There will be grappling, striking, and I will be taking on a man twice my size. I have banned all trash talk ahead of the event, because it's not that kind of show."

David told the ECHO.