Conor McGregor Replies to Iron Mike Tyson's Kick his A** Comment

Jack Ol
Thu Jul,2020
Conor McGregor Replies to Iron Mike Tyson's Kick his A** Comment MMA

Conor McGregor is quite good at roasting people, whoever tries to mock him or call him out. However, the Notorious showed a good gesture to Iron Mike Tyson's claim that he would kick "the Irishman's a**", out of respect.

Iron Mike who recently announced his return to the ring appeared on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon where he was asked which fighting megastars he could beat. When asked about 'Notorious,' Tyson said that given the maverick qualities of Irishman, he'd 'rock his a** anyhow.'



Tyson is scheduled to fight Roy Jones Jr. on September 12 in an eight-round exhibition showdown. He appeared on “The Tonight Show” as a part of a promotion where Fallon asked the former ‘Baddest man on the planet’ how would his super -fight against the Notorious go if they were to fight in the ring.

In reply, Tyson stated Conor is 'nuts' and said: "Yeah, but I'm going to kick his ass anyway."

While everyone expected Conor to come up with some fiery comments, the former UFC champ humbly shared the post on his Instagram story and also liked the post. 

Conor McGregor has always admired Mike Tyson and has praised the former World Champion boxer quite often in the past. Tyson was also impressed with Conor's achievement in UFC and even praised him for going 10 rounds against Floyd Mayweather

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