Chael Sonnen strikes on Jon Jones: ‘I’d rather see you type lines than snort them’

by Jack Ol Sun Sep,2019
Chael Sonnen strikes on Jon Jones: ‘I’d rather see you type lines than snort them’

Chael Sonnen has been continuously throwing word on UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Some weeks back, he targeted Bones and said he is running out of time. He then exchanged shots about future barbershop stories and legal issues with Jones.

Sonnen has recently come up with new thing about the light heavyweight, who he lost to via TKO back in 2013. Appearing in an episode of the podcast, the ESPN MMA analyst bashed Jones with past drug habits and current addiction.

“I never bury Jon Jones — I don’t feel like I bury Jon Jones. I really don’t. Maybe I’m a little bit rough on Jon. I don’t know about that. I mean, he’s a guy that… Man, that guy’s really good. I guess you would call that a level of respect."

"But it seems that every time I do a piece on this, somebody takes a small piece of it and tells Jon what I said and Jon has to go to Twitter, Jon has to type out these lines and show that he’s angry. He does this all the time and I’m like ‘I’m not really sure you heard the piece.’

Sonnen said.

“I can only imagine Jon Jones [gestures] licking the coke off his fingers to type out these lines in 160 characters — and then he wants a response. Jon, here’s my response. I appreciate you typing out lines, and I’d rather see you type lines than snort them.”

He added.

Jones has yet to respond to Sonnen’s most recent comments but did defend his own drug use back in 2015 after being caught with benzoylecgonine, the primary metabolite of cocaine, in his system.

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