Who is Jordan Caron Girlfriend? Know about his Relationship Status

Tessa Young
Wed May,2019
Who is Jordan Caron Girlfriend? Know about his Relationship Status Ice Hockey

Someone wisely said Excellence is a gradual result of always thriving to perform better. Ice hockey forward Jordan Caron who represents his country Canada still had the repetition of affirmation that made his professional journey as an ice hockey player.

Self-focused and dead set sports person, Jordan is a team player who is consistently looking out his team's strength. It's true that the focal point of the player is to strive for distinction and surpass expectations created by earlier games. And we must say Caron has fulfilled all the expectation of the team. Today we bring you the details about his relationship status, who he is dating and many more. So, stay tuned to us until the end. 

Know about Jordan Caron's Relationship Status

Well, after the constant limelight, celebrities and sports personality are sure to get asked about personal life. Jordan is no new to such questions and speculations. Since Jordan is one of the most remarkable and finest ice hockey player of all times, he has garnered huge male and well as female fan followers. Thousands of his followers constantly searching for his dating partner. 

Former couple, Genie Bouchard and Jordan Caron SOURCE:

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For sure, Jordan is one of the most popular players of all times, yet, he is not lucky when it comes to his dating life. Jordan once dated famous Canadian tennis player Genie Bouchard. Jordan also shared a picture with Bouchard in his Instagram handle however, diving deeper into their respective social media site, they have unfollowed each other from each of their Instagram. Few times the former couple were spotted holding each other's hand publicly. 

Jordan Caron and Canadian tennis player Genie Bouchard

Nobody knows when the former couple started their relationship and when they broke all the ties. Caron posted a picture of Genie for the last time on

Jordan Caron's Net Worth & Salary 

Jordan Caron is considered as one of the outstanding ice hockey players. Nevertheless, his performance in recent year is in the deteriorating state. During the starting phase of his career, Caron earned $2,660,001 without any bonus in three seasons from 2010 to 2013 and with a bonus $3,300,000.

For 2013 to 2014 Caron took $640,000. Later for his two other seasons from 2014 to 2016, his salary decreased to $600,000. Then for 2016 to 2017 Jordan received $575,000 much lesser earning from another club after his contract with the previous club expired. 

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Unlike his earning biodata, there are no details about Caron's other properties such as the cars he owns and the house he lives in. Evaluating his net worth from his yearly earning, he might have around $2 million