UFC Releases 13 Fighter including Fan Favorite Ben Saunders from its Roster

Jack Ol
Wed Feb,2020
UFC Releases 13 Fighter including Fan Favorite Ben Saunders from its Roster MMA

UFC has recently cut 13 fighters from its roster by releasing or not opting to re-sign the contract. The list included fan-favorite fighter Ben Saunders and also the Ultimate Fighter winner Brad Katona.

Not all the names in the list has been confirmed as few of them were reported by the organization and fighter themself while the other names were based on the reports by their teammate.

Complete list of Fighters Released:

  • Junior Albini, heavyweight, 14-6 MMA and 1-4 UFC
  • Nathan Coy, welterweight, 15-7 MMA and 1-2 UFC
  • Brandon Davis, bantamweight, 10-8 MMA and 2-5 UFC
  • Polo Reyes, lightweight, 8-7-0 MMA and 4-4 UFC
  • Luke Jumeau, welterweight, 13-5-0 MMA and 2-2 UFC
  • Brad Katona, Bantamweight, *-2 MMA and 2-2 UFC
  • Lucie Pudilova, Bantamweight, 8-6-0 MMA and 2-5 UFC
  • Martin Bravo, Featherweight, 11-3-0 MMA and 1-3 UFC
  • Kalindra Faria, flyweight, 18-8-1 MMA and 0-3 UFC
  • Grigorii Popov, bantamweight, 13-3 MMA and 0-2 UFC
  • Ben Saunders, welterweight, 22-13-2 MMA and 10-10 UFC
  • Jin Soo Son, bantamweight, 9-4 MMA and 0-2 UFC
  • Daniel Spitz, heavyweight, 6-3 MMA and 1-3 UFC 

Looking at their UFC records, people can definitely understand why UFC decided to cut off the fighters from their roster. But there are still many promotions like Bellator and ONE Fc where they can really fit in and develop their career. 

What do you think about the UFC cutting these 13 fighters including Ben Saunders and Brad Katona?