UFC Fighter Israel Adesanya's Net Worth, Career Earnings, Contract, Sponsorships, Pay-Per-View, Matches

Mon Nov,2022
UFC Fighter Israel Adesanya's Net Worth, Career Earnings, Contract, Sponsorships, Pay-Per-View, Matches Martial Arts

When the UFC fighter Israel Adesanya was bullied in high school, he'd trained in martial arts. At the time, Israel didn't know that he'd be one of the biggest names in the MMA scene. Currently, Adesanya brings in hundreds of thousands from pay-per-views alone. Also, the talented fighter brings home a massive paycheque from his work. He not only earns from his fights but also through sponsorship deals and sponsored social media posts.

Adesanya holds one of the cleanest records in his portfolio. His wins-over-losses ratio highly leans towards victories. Although the record may not be complete, Israel won 75 fights in his 80 bouts in professional kickboxing. And over at MMA, out of 25 matches, he won 15 via knockout and eight by decision. As for losses, Adesanya lost one by knockout and one by decision. 

Israel Adesanya, the MMA Fighter, brings in hundreds of thousands on PPV!

On July 2nd, 2022, Israel Adesanya and his fight against Jared Cannonier brought in around 400k PPV purchases worldwide. However, that isn't the highest amount that his fight brought. The highest PPV sales were double the amount brought in by 2022's bout.

IsraelIsrael Adesanya at a UFC standoff. SOURCE: Instagram@stylebender

On March 6th, 2022, Adesanya's fight against Jan Blachowicz brought in $800,000 in sales globally. And his bout before that against Paulo Costa brought in $700,000 in PPV buys. Although the numbers grew steadily, so did Israel's fame.

Israel's third-highest PPV buys were on June 12th, 2021, with a whopping $600,000. He faced the Italian MMA fighter Marvin Vettori. And finally, his first pay-per-view fight with Anderson Silva was the least commercial success. Adesanya's first fight in PPV alone managed to sell 175k on PPV. 

Not only did the fights of Israel become a success as a PPV event, but they also garnered millions at the gate. And out of his five fights in the pay-per-view events, Adesanya lost only one battle. In his bout with the Polish MMA fighter Blachowicz, the Nigerian-New Zealander MMA fighter lost via decision. 

Israel Adesanya owns a net worth of multi-million!

There was a time when Israel Adesanya didn't even have $500 in his bank account. And now Adesanya owns a multi-million fortune. In 2022, Israel, the MMA fighter, commands an estimated $4 million as his net worth.

IsraelIsrael Adesanya posed with his title draped on his shoulder, wearing an Anime themed shirt. SOURCE: Instagram@stylebender

Aside from his earnings from the fights, Israel also makes money every time he wins his bouts. In his fight with Paulo Costa, Adesanya was paid around $590k. And for his win, the Kiwi MMA fighter also took home the winning bonus. 

Although Israel joined the mixed martial arts in 2012, it'd take him six years to join the big leagues. And in December of 2021, he'd sign under the UFC. And at the time, he was paid the low tier salary between $10 grand to $30k. However, within a year, Adesanya showed the world his worth by earning three Performance of the Night awards. 

Israel Started Earning Big Bucks in 2019, Even Winning the Middleweight Championship!

On February 10th, 2019, Israel Adesanya fought in the main event of UFC 234. He faced the ex-middleweight champ Aderson Silva. And on that fight, Adesanya won via a unanimous decision. Silva and his opponent won the Fight of the Night Award.

The following month in April, Israel faced the Kelvin Gastelum. Besides, Kelvin held the UFC Middleweight Championship at the time. Adesanya won the fight earning his first championship in UFC. The Kiwi UFC fighter defended his spot as the champion five times. 

Through his wins and undefeated streak, Israel moved up the food chain. After he won the title, he received high-tier pay. Adesanya earned half a million per fight and his bonus in the bout. 

Adesanya lost the title after three years!

Israel Adesanya would lose his sixth title defense in 2022. He'd face the one man that had beaten him in the past. On November 12th, 2022, Adesanya faced Alex Pereira, who held two wins against him in kickboxing.

IsraelIsrael Adesanya on his bout with Alex Pereira. SOURCE: Instagram@stylebender


And when they clashed once more in the UFC 281, the Kiwi fighter hoped to pull a payback. However, he'd lose to Pereira again, a third time. Alex earned the win through a technical knockout in the fifth round. 

Israel Adesanya also draws income through sponsorships!

Unlike most sports, MMA fighters rarely get sponsorship deals with brands. However, Israel Adesanya became the first ever mixed martial arts athlete to sign a sponsorship with the sports brand Puma. The contract went through in September 2020.

Although Adesanya made a lucrative deal with Puma, much about the said contract remains hidden. Similarly, the money paid by the brand to Israel stays hidden from the public. But given the scope of the brand, Puma must've handed the Kiwi fight a handsome amount.

IsraelIsrael Adesanya was promoting THE WHEY protein powder by MYPRO. SOURCE: Instagram@stylebender

Besides Puma, Israel also became the ambassador for Stake.Com. The online casino signed Adesanya in January 2021. And similar to his first sponsor, the MMA fighter kept his deal with Stake hidden from the public. And in 2022, Adesanya signed a sponsorship with Kill Cliff energy drinks. Similarly, he is the face of the Tekilla Kiwi flavor. More recently, Israel endorsed THE Whey protein powder manufactured by MyPRO.

Israel's love for cars comes in third!

Time and again, Israel Adesanya proclaimed his love for MMA. Similarly, Israel also showed his love for Anime in various forms over the years. Aside from MMA and Anime, Adesanya loves his toys with wheels. 

IsraelIsrael Adesanya took a picture as he sat on his Range Rover. SOURCE: Instagram@stylebender

Israel loves his cars as much as MMA or Anime. Likewise, fans get to see the man post in his cars or by his cars on his Instagram. But what are the vehicles that he drives? Please keep reading to learn about Adesanya's wheels.

Cars owned by the Kimi MMA fighter:

First and foremost, the Kiwi MMA fighter owns a McLaren 720 Spider. Israel bought the supercar in 2019 after his victory over Robert Whitaker. The British luxury car cost a hefty price of $315,000

Adesanya also owns a Range Rover in his car collection. Although it remains unknown when he purchased the luxury car, Israel first showed RR on an Instagram post in 2019. Likewise, the 4th gen Range Rover started at a massive price tag of $80,000.

Lastly, Israel owns a Nissan SUV, which is the most budget-friendly of the bunch. Israel gifted himself the said car at his birth in 2016. And as for the price tag, Nissan SUV comes at $29,000