Lydia Moss

by Karan 30 Jan,2020
Lydia Moss
Personal Info
  • Birth Name Lydia Moss
  • Net Worth $62 million
  • Nationality American
  • Ethnicity Afro-American
  • Married to Randy Moss
  • Children 5

Lydia Moss is the second wife of former American professional football player Randy Moss. The couple tied the knot in 2015. The former NFL player and now-ESPN analyst is happy for whatever he has now. At the 2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony, Randy Moss thanked his wife for being a mother to his children and looking after them.

Married Life with Randy Moss and Children

Lydia Moss is currently married to Randy Moss. She is the second wife of Randy after Libby OffuttAfter getting a divorce with Libby, Randy got married to Lydia Moss in 2015.

Lydia with her husband Randy MossLydia with her husband Randy Moss
SOURCE: Twitter @RandyMoss

The couple is now getting along better. Randy's children from previous marriage stay with them. Randy also thanked his wife Lydia for her unconditional love and support in the 2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony. 

He was previously in a relationship with Libby Offutt. They had five children together. Randy's first child is Thadeus, who plays for the LSU Tigers.

The Moss FamilyThe Moss Family
SOURCE: Instagram @randygmoss

His daughters, Senali Moss, is a YouTuber, and Sydney Moss is a coach. Before, Sydney was an assistant coach for a season for St. Albans High School’s girl's basketball team. Then she made her way to the Charleston University as a new assistant coach.

Her husband, Randy's Divorce from First Wife

Randy and Libby were into arguments since the start of their relationship. The former couple nearly parted ways in 1996 due to an ugly brawl which lead them to arrest both.

After Randy made a tweet saying that Libby denied getting treatment for drug addiction in December 2016, they got caught up in disagreement on social media itself. He also said that she extravagantly spent $4 million on drugs. Therefore, he had to prevent her from visiting their kids unless she underwent rehabilitation.

Randy Moss and his former wife Libby OffuttRandy Moss and his former wife Libby Offutt
SOURCE: Glamourfame

She claimed that Randy is trying to keep their children away from her. Libby could not even meet them on Christmas. Her Christmas gifts to their children were not given to them. In January 2017, Libby revealed with American celebrity news about her addiction and restated that she did not spend $4 million on drugs. 

Lydia and Randy Moss Net worth

Lydia Moss doesn't seem to be engaged in any profession thus doesn't have any source of earnings. However, her husband Randy Moss is a former professional American football player who is one of the 50 Vikings in the American National Football League. The combined net worth of the couple is $62 million.

Lydia's husband is the primary contributor to their net worth and earns money from his football career. He receives an average of $


6.5 million as his salary.

Lydia and Randy Moss


Lydia and Randy Moss


SOURCE: Instagram @randygmoss

In 2012, Moss signed a 1-year contract for $2,500,000 with the San Francisco 49ers, including an average annual salary of $2,500,000.

Randy Moss's NFL Earnings

Year Team Total Cash
1998 Minnesota Vikings $2,670,000
1999 Minnesota Vikings $722,500
2000 Minnesota Vikings $821,000
2001 Minnesota Vikings $10,500,000
2002 Minnesota Vikings $8,525,000
2003 Minnesota Vikings $5,000,000
2004 Minnesota Vikings $5,750,000
2005 Oakland Raiders $5,750,000
2006 Oakland Raiders $8,250,000
2007 New England Patriots $3,000,000
2008 New England Patriots $14,000,000
2009 New England Patriots $6,500,000
2010 New England Patriots $4,894,117
2010 Minnesota Vikings $1,605,882
2012 San Francisco 49ers $2,500,000

He played in 14 seasons, for which he earned a total amount of $82,488,499. That amount was earned from playing football. He also made money from his various endorsement deals with top brands and his sponsors. He was also the owner of the Randy Moss Motorsports with HTM, a NASCAR Camping World Truck Series team.


Lydia Moss must be grateful for having an altruistic husband. Randy Moss has founded many organizations and financed charitable endeavors since joining the NFL. He mainly focuses on helping children and says that he just looks forward to "seeing smiles".

He has given free backpacks to school-children in Boston and donated clothing and foody to impoverished families. 

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