LEADING LADY, Kim Pegula Is A Married Woman: Know Her Husband & Children

Sun Oct,2022
LEADING LADY, Kim Pegula Is A Married Woman: Know Her Husband & Children American Football

The leading Lady, Kim Pegula, lived a life akin to those of Disney fairy tales with happy endings. Although Pegula came from an unknown origin, every football fanatic knows her name now. As our last article on Kim mentioned, her story is from rags to riches. Also, her one fateful choice to work at a particular bar at a specific time led the NFL team owner to where her future husband was. 

Not only did Terry Pegula, the business tycoon, find the hard-working Kim attractive, but he also found her drive appealing. And soon after she joined Terry's company, the duo started dating, and one thing led to another, and now, they celebrate a two-decade-long marraige.

Kim Pegula and her husband met at a bar where Kim was applying for a job!

As movies and romance novels portray the first meeting of their protagonist at a bar or a public location, Kim Pegula and Terry Pegula first met at a bar in Belfast, New York. And when they first met, Kim was there to apply for the waitress job. However, when Terry saw the young and driven woman, he knew there was something special about the lady. 

KimKim Pegula and her husband Terry Pegula attended an event together. SOURCE: Instagram@kimpegula


Seeing the fire in Kim's eyes, Terry took on a gamble and offered her a job in sales at his company, Eastern Resources. Soon after that, Kim Kerr and Pegula started falling for each other. And the duo officially started a relationship around 1992.

And by 1993, Kim and Terry became husband and wife. Pegula currently leads her life in the forefront of the limelight, but the Buffalo Bills owner was shy when she first started dating the business tycoon. And as such, Terry and his wife exchanged their vows in an intimate setting out of the media's earshot. 

And in their marriage, the Pegulas welcomed five children. And the married couple, Terry and Kim, gave birth to their first daughter Jessica Pegula on February 24th, 1994. And the following years, the duo welcomed Kelly Pegula and Matthew Pegula.

Terry Pegula was married once before, aside from Kim Pegula.

Yes, Terry Pegula was a married man before he met Kim Kerr. But, he and his first wife felt their marriage wasn't working out, so they finalized their divorce. And the details about Terry's divorce from his first spouse stay hidden.

TerryTerry Pegula and his wife Kim Pegula signed a contract. SOURCE: Instagram@kpegula


Who was Pegula's first wife, you may be wondering? It appears that the business tycoon married a friend from childhood Anne Shirley. And like their divorce, Anne and Terry keeps their wedding day out of the spotlight. As a result, the age of their wedlock stays hidden from the world. 

The love between Terry and his ex-wife faded from their lives, but the remainder of their marriage stays alive. Yes, Pegula and Shirley gave birth to two children, Laura Pegula and Michael Pegula. And after the split, Kim Pegula and Terry took care of Laura and Michael. 

Where are Kim and Terry Pegula's kids now?

Most of Kim Pegula's children stay out of the limelight. However, the eldest of Terry Pegula and Kim is a public figure. Jessica Pegula is a renowned athlete who plays tennis professionally. 

Aside from her fame as a tennis star, Jessica appears to be closest to her mother. Similarly, Kim's oldest child recently tied the knot with Taylor Gahagen. And Taylor and his wife exchanged their vows away in an intimate ceremony amongst loved ones. But, much about Gahagen stays unknown at the moment. 

Similarly to her son-in-law, Taylor, most of Pegula's children stay away from the spotlight. As such, Kelly and Matthew Pegula remain hidden from the people. Again, her step-children Laura and Michael Pegula enjoy their lives away from the media.

Jessica and her siblings rushed to Kim Pegula after a recent health scare!

Kim Pegula is pushing her mid-fifties; in fact, Pegula recently turned fifty-three. And with old age comes health complications, and Kim is no exception. Even though the Buffalo Bills owner looks younger than her age, Pegula is still in her fifties. In 2022, Kim's family rushed her to a hospital near her house in Boca Raton, Florida. And the NFL team owner was admitted to an intensive care unit or ICU.

TerryTerry Pegula and Kim Pegula took pictures with their children in a stadium. SOURCE: Instagram@terry_pegula


Although most of her children like to live away from the spotlight, Jessica Pegula stepped forward and announced her mother's condition. Thankfully, Kim's health improved over time, and by the Wimbledon Championships 2022, Terry Pegula's wife was well and rehabilitating.