Corey Davis Net Worth 2023, Salary, Jets Contract Breakdown, NFL Earnings, Intention to Retire & NFL Stats

Thu Aug,2023
Corey Davis Net Worth 2023, Salary, Jets Contract Breakdown, NFL Earnings, Intention to Retire & NFL Stats American Football

Corey Davis is a former NFL wide receiver who showed his skills with both the Tennessee Titans and the New York Jets. His journey began when the Titans selected him as the 5th overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft. Prior to his professional career, Davis excelled in college football at Western Michigan University.

Davis left a mark with impressive performances, including memorable plays against formidable opponents like the Cincinnati Bengals. His time on the field saw him contributing to the Titans' and later the Jets' offense. Corey has an estimated net worth of $25 Million and the average salary of the athlete is $9,424,370 which is based on all of his base salaries over the years.

Corey Davis Net Worth 2023 & Base Salary (Enters Retired Life)

Corey has decided to retire from the NFL after playing 6 seasons in the league. The athlete played four seasons with the Tennessee Titans and 2 seasons with the New York Jets. Davis earned $25,484,706 from the Titans and $27 Million from the Jets. Corey Davis enjoys an estimated net worth of $25 Million.

PrideCorey looking slick with his cool formal dress  SOURCE: Instagram- @coreydavis84

Corey hasn't revealed any information about his credit card debt, car loans, personal finance, or savings accounts so the preciseness of his net worth can vary accordingly.  Apart from Davis in the NFL field, there are numerous other accomplished and presently engaged athletes who stand out for their wealth. Joe Flacco commands a considerable wealth of $85 million, whereas Ndamukong Suh maintains a noteworthy net worth of $80 million. On the other hand, Matt Ryan holds assets valued at a collective $70 million, and  Deshaun Watson rounds off the lineup with a net worth of $50 million.

Corey Davis Shocks Jets & Steps Away From Football

Former NFL player Corey Davis surprised the Jets by stepping away from football, citing personal reasons for his decision. Davis had been absent from the team for about a week prior to informing the Jets of his retirement. However, he did not specify the exact cause behind his choice to retire from the sport.

WalkCorey enjoying music in the night  SOURCE: Instagram- @coreydavis84

The New York Jets responded to Davis's retirement announcement with understanding and support. Davis had been absent due to personal matters in the week leading up to his decision, leaving Jets head coach Robert Saleh uncertain about his return.

Despite the unexpected news, the Jets refrained from making any negative remarks or displaying adverse reactions. Instead, they conveyed appreciation for Davis's contributions during his time with the team and conveyed well wishes for his future pursuits.

Corey Davis Jets Contract Breakdown: Davis Contract History

In March 2021, Corey Davis inked a three-year deal worth $37.5 million with the New York Jets. This contract comprised a $2 million signing bonus and a $27 million guarantee, with his first two years' salary secured. His 2022 earnings amounted to $13 million, reflecting a cap charge of $666,666, contributing to the total contract value of $37.5 million, inclusive of $17,942,240 in salary cap charges and $6,385,842 in bonuses.

Lovelife of CoreyCorey enjoying his night with his wife  SOURCE: Instagram- @coreydavis84

Looking ahead to 2023, Davis is set to receive $10.5 million, while discussions persist regarding a potential pay cut from the Jets. During 2017-2020, Davis held a 4-year, $25,394,688 contract with the Tennessee Titans, highlighted by a $16,608,864 signing bonus, $25,394,688 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $6,348,672. Subsequently, in 2021-2023, his tenure with the New York Jets was marked by a 3-year, $37,500,000 deal, featuring a $2,000,000 signing bonus, $27,000,000 in guarantees, and an average annual salary of $12,500,000.

Corey Davis NFL Earnings and Journey

2017 Tennessee Titans $17,073,864
2018 Tennessee Titans $1,619,307
2019 Tennessee Titans $2,773,614
2020 Tennessee Titans $4,017,921
2021 New York Jets $14,000,000
2022 New York Jets $13,000,000
TOTAL   $52,484,706

Source- Spotrac

Corey Davis's football journey began during his youth with the Wheaton Rams, where he formed a strong bond with Dan Graham's son, a former Tampa Bay Buccaneers player. By his junior year, Davis moved in with the Graham family and became their legal ward.

Davis Family during holiday.Corey Davis with his family on holiday.  SOURCE: Instagram- @coreydavis84

Scholarships eluded him until his senior year in high school. In college, at Western Michigan University, he emerged as a standout receiver, setting records for career receiving yards. Davis's final college year saw him named a consensus All-American and clinching the MAC Offensive Player of the Year award twice. He also contended for the prestigious Biletnikoff Award, celebrating the best college football receiver.

In the 2017 NFL draft, the Tennessee Titans selected Davis as the 5th overall pick. His time with the Titans spanned four seasons, marked by impressive plays, including notable moments against the Cincinnati Bengals. Following a move to the New York Jets and signing a substantial contract, Davis shocked the football world by retiring in August 2023.

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Corey Davis Endorsement Deals and Sponsorships

Corey Davis has teamed up with big companies for special deals. He works with Armour, which makes sports clothes and shoes, and he's in their commercials. He's also partners with Panini, a company that makes sports cards and stuff. He even has his own trading card and is in their other things.

Sponsored by ArmourCorey promoting brand armour on his Instagram.  SOURCE: Instagram- @coreydavis84

Davis is also friends with Fanatics, a place where people buy sports things. He has his own clothes and stuff you can get there. And he's working with Genesis, a fancy car brand. They put him in ads for their cars and gave him a car too. Plus, he's got a deal with Stadium Goods, a place where people get cool shoes and clothes. He made his own shoes there that you can buy.

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Corey Davis NFL Stats and Performance

Corey Davis is a tall and athletic player who's really good at catching football, especially when it's tough. He's known for making catches even when there's strong defense. He's also good at running the routes he needs to and has the chance to score big points for his team.

In 2017, Davis started his career with the Tennessee Titans. He caught 50 passes, gained 551 yards, and scored 4 touchdowns. The next year, he got even better, with 65 catches, 891 yards, and 4 touchdowns. He even made a super long 99-yard touchdown catch, which was a Titans record.

In 2019, he had a bit of a dip in performance, catching 50 passes, 593 yards, and 2 touchdowns. In 2020, he made a comeback, catching 43 passes, 533 yards, and 5 touchdowns. He also got a 75-yard touchdown catch, the longest in his career so far. In 2021, he joined the New York Jets and had his best year, catching 66 passes, 1,028 yards, and 6 touchdowns. He also scored a 72-yard touchdown.